Demitri James

Demitri James


Sweet ballads harking back to the time of singer songwriters of the 80s. Big chorusus and massive middle 8's that you loved when you had your ear glued to the top 40 every week.


“Playing your own songs solo really exposes them for all to see. Every show is a challenge to communicate the music and captivate the audience.”

Demitri played his debut as a soloist at The Annandale as well as The Gaelic Club and has shows at The Rose of Erskineville and Hotel Bondi. Demitri in his live band experience has performed at The Hopetoun Hotel, The Lansdowne Hotel and Bar Broadway as well as many other venues in Sydney.

One can't help but be impressed by the song craft of Demitri James. Stylistically far removed from his contemporaries, his songs hark back to the heyday of the singer-songwriter.

Influenced by artists like Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Bill Withers and Elton John, Demitri is a breath of fresh air in an industry drowning in a repetitive myriad of asinine musical clichés.

Demitri’s performances are marked by warm, honey sweet vocals, memorable melodies and arrangements which linger with you for days.

“If I can give an audience anything, it would be to convey the emotion of the songs and leave them with something to remember."


What if we could try

Written By: Demitri Voulgaropoulos

What if we could try

A crowded room
You stood before me
A beauty like no other one I’ve known
You said hello
I whispered something
But my heart had packed its bags and said to go

It’s hard to believe
The answer was in front of me and how

What if we could try
What if we were destined to meet
What if this was only once in a lifetime
What if we could try
What if we were somehow to see
What if this could change your life forever
What if we could try

We talked awhile
I caught you smiling
The stars were looking down and shining bright
I took your hand
Onto the dance floor
Something special in your eyes that night

There’s no way to deny
My heart was gone the moment you arrived


We are both are standing here
My heart is in your hands
There’s nothing more to fear
I know you understand
If times ever get rough
Then all i ever need
Is to look into your eyes