dem knockout boyz
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dem knockout boyz


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This band has not uploaded any videos


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Bigtone Aka Sam Sam

Da story of a legend in the making

Born and raised part of my life in a town in Oklahoma in a city called Nowata Antonio Hill was bound for success he always had rap in his blood as a kid he would put on shows for the family at events and was real comfortable around the crowd he was always very active in to sports was an all-star athlete all through high school growing up did not rally have a father figure to lean to started leaning towards the streets of Omaha with so much a head of me my mom started being a vocal person in my life and tried to get me straight but being a young kid your going to do what you want to do graduated from high school and decided to try collage out that would be the turning point of all the events that accourd that’s when I meet the first member of the group it was the first day of orientation and the school was having a talent show and me and my boy decided to go and do a freestyle for um and that was history in the making the knockout boyz was born months later the collage scene blew over and I was ready to start this rap shit full time moved out my house with my moms and got me my own apartment and started making my music go hard on the local Sean we gained attention with the songs we had and the style of rap that we cam with a year or after that I lost my father to a tussle with the cops and that hurt deep and the events took a real turn my moms was the only one in my life now and I knew we had to make it started focusing on my music full time took road trips to Iowa, Kansas, Dallas, and Oklahoma to pursue my dreams

Young T

Young T aka “Propain” new to the game, but so hungry when it comes to it. From the Windy City, Chi Town. Started rappen at school with two roommates. It started as fun just freestyle on the mic. We would take our CD’s that we would make and bring them back home. People would listen to them and would tell us that we should get serious and come out with a CD. We just kept having fun coming up with new things off the brain. When we got back from school. I had a little brother that came to me with a sick beat that he wanted all of us to rap on. We all got together and wrote to it. We went to this little studio for the first time being in a real studio. We laced it brought it back home and listened to it and we all knew we had something hot. That’s when we started talking about getting more beats and rappen on them. That’s when we started coming up with names on what we should call are selves. In school we called are self the 3’ts, but we couldn’t call us that no more because we had a new member rappen with us. So we came out with the “Knockout Boyz”.

Big Rick aka. (Sauce)

Big Rick aka “Sauce”, this is how I started rappen and joined with the Knockout Boyz. I’m 18 years old from Little Rock Arkansas. I grow up there for most of my life. I use to watch people in the neighborhood rap and would pay close mind to what they would say. I can say when I was 14 years old I was working on my own art of rapping from things I heard from The firm when they were around. Tu-pac, B.I.G, and a lot of other artist. We moved when I was in 8th grade, to Nebraska where there were more opportunities for my mom to work and raise a family. I continued to rap and go to school. I did a couple of shows and talent shows for different groups. I can honestly say I was young and never new how hard it is to get music out there and to perform your music. A lot of people think that all you have to do is go lay it down in the booth and that’s it. There is a whole lot more. You have to know how to put on shows, you have to know how to talk to people, you have to get your music pressed up, and get it to the people. I kept with my music and continued talking to people. One day I met this guy that was doing his own music and he had a little thing going called the slime shop. I went over a couple of times and recorded a couple of tracks. He came to me telling me that there is this hot young group looking for another member. So he played me there music and I liked it and agreed to meet with them that same night. They came over and watched me record another track. Two days later they brought me a beat and we all went over the concept on what we were going to write, two days later laid the track down and it was on from there. That weekend we put a show CD together and killed the show. I like being with the Knockout Boyz, because they are hungry and they want to get there music out their no matter what it takes……………………………..