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Demolition Rage

Dufferin, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2001

Dufferin, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2001
Band Metal Hard Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Heart and Stone - York Region Photographer"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heart and Stone - York Region Photographer

Now this was a blast (I think I say that alot, lol)! Extremely loud rock that vibrated through my clothing and entire body as I photographed this band, Heart and Stone. What an incredible rush bringing me back to my youth! If you are a frequent reader you know how much I love photographing this type of lighting. It can be extremely challenging as you really need to work at an aperture of 2.8 or lower and you must be on your toes but the whole experience from the vibe in the room to the music to photographing the performer WOW. The band had 45 minutes and no word of a lie it blew by and felt like 5 minutes. I really don't think I could love my job more of coarse when I think that I love it just a bit more, lol.

Thank you to Heart and Stone for commissioning me to do this for you I can't thank you enough and hey if you need an album cover do I ever have some ideas!!!

- Sarah Vander Heide


Still working on that hot first release.



Just Finished 1st Place for the AllStars Bar & Grill Band on the Run event through on May,26th 2012. We will get to record a Single at Epik Productions and we Qualified for the Grand Prize.

Demolition Rage started out as a recording project band a meeting of minds and creativity a wide variety of influences and styles coming together experimenting with sounds and the uniqueness of each individual player that came a added their personal feel and touch to the recording project. The Project manager so too speak is Fabio. He wanted to bring a lot of his creative ideas to life and see what kind of creation would come of it but he didn’t want it to be of one singular influence from himself he wanted other musicians he has played with over the years to add their creative input and their ideas. Out of the accumulation of these creative musicians was the birth of the cd now know as Murder by numbers.
Out of those Musicians became a new adventure for Demolition Rage and that was to start playing some venues and to make a video or two in which they produced the video for Run for the Fence. Then just as fast as it started to take off life’s responsibilities came into play which the members that formed Demolition Rage needed to place the project on hold. The original members that made up "the project" and "the band" consisted of Chris Blackwell on Bass, Barry Whalen on Drums, Doug Wilson Lead Vocals, Larry Galea on Drums, Derek Strickler on bass when the band started playing Venues and Fabio LaRocca on Guitar.

Some of the members got back together accept the drummer’s, but the next best thing was Barry’s brother Bruce came into the band in the early part of 2011. The lead singer was approached by some of the Promoters they had dealt with in the past asking if it was possible for them to reunite. That they really liked their music and the show they put on and were saddened to hear that such a good band had to call it quits. So they began to see about getting things going again to see where it took them. Then Life’s speed bumps cropped up again and Derek and Bruce had to step out of the band. So Fabio called upon his former Band mates Kevin Brazolot on Bass and Cam Cathcart on Drums, from Heart & Stone to come join in September of 2011. Newest Member to join the Band in 2015 is George Petkovski introducing a Renewed drive and Vocal strength and keeping up with the Vocal abilities this Band has always maintained throughout the years and the bands History.

All through the summer Talent Buyers and Promoters were asking Fabio if we could do shows that they were putting together and promoting and Fab had to turn them down as things were just not at their peak just yet due to a few unfortunate turn of events. But then things worked themselves out and We came out with guitar and drums a blazing and Vocals second to none We performed together for the first time in a while on November 4th 2011 and we blew everyone away fans and Talent Buyers a like. We were told it was well worth the wait and since then people and the business have been full of compliments. Keeping with the drive of this Band the New vocalist George is capturing peoples attention once more can only be great things ahead for us!

The members of this band have a musical history of had the pleasures of playing with the following bands: Iron Madien, Motor Head, Dio , 3 Days Grace, I Mother Earth, Kim Mitchell, Slick Toxic, Lee Arron, Famous Under Ground with Nick Walsh (formerly of Slick Toxic) and previous events Edge 102, Tweed Trudeau park Festival, Ontario Place (Ampitheater) and this band together hopes to add many more as we proceed.