Demon Dog Sperm

Demon Dog Sperm


Doom, Death, and Anguish set to a hook- laden sludgefest soundtrack.


Running the hard rock and heavy metal department of a college radio station, leaves you with a vast expertise of this genre of music. Mark "Sid" Sidor, and Deron "DC" Christman were both managing directors, as well as DJs, for many years in college radio. During the time they spent there, they realized there was a mass of hard rock and heavy metal being produced, but there wasn't enough quality acts performing original sounds. As a result, Demon Dog Sperm was formed as a way of having fun, letting some aggression out, plus they wrote and played music they really wanted to hear. In 2005, the band's solidified line-up Sid(Vocals), DC(guitar and vocals), Steve DeLong(bass and vocals), and Dennis Christman (drums) focused on recording and performing their live set. They shared the stage with Clutch, Saliva, Exodus, Crisis, 3 Inches of Blood and The Kiss of Death, and exposed the Allentown, Reading, Wilkes-Barre Harrisburg, and Philadelphia regions of Pennsylvania to their unique live performance. They scored a victory in July 2005 when they competed and won the Van's Warped Tour battle of the bands, defeating 35 bands for the slot on tour which featured, The Offspring, Dropkick Murphy's, Avenged Sevenfold, Thrice, My Chemical Romance, Bleeding Through, Atreyu, Lordz of Brooklyn and many others. Their merchandise sales have increased since the win, and even more since the release of their self-titled 5-song e.p, in October 2005. Influenced by the oozing down-tuned guitar distortion of Acid Bath, Mortician and Six Feet Under and the song flow of Clutch, Hatebreed and Nothingface, gives DDS a solid musical foundation, and direction. They appeal to fans of all types, blue and white collar, all ethnicities, young and old, and it is these, fanatical, people growing in size who motivate the band. Demon Dog Sperm's triple vocal attack, distinctive guitar sound and sonic bass and percussive assault gives this band it's originality, and fills in the missing pieces you've always been looking for in metal, but couldn't put your finger on it.


Demon Dog Sperm - S/T EP

Set List

We have a short set (20-30 min) and play 5-7 songs
we can also do a 45 min-1hr long set and do 9-12 songs
all original