Demons of the Confederacy

Demons of the Confederacy


Sludgecore metal with a Southern deep-fried flavor.


They've been from the top of Mt. Olympus to the bowels of hell and back again. They've run the gamut with every conceivable genre of music searching for that elusive, singular sound. Now, they're back to deal out more death and destruction to those who said "Oh, that'll NEVER work!" Welcome to the electronic press kit for Demons of the Confederacy, a stoner rock/sludgecore/doom metal band from the upstate of South Carolina.

Originally formed by John Taylor and Michael Reid, bass and drums respectively for now-defunct alternative band Brandy's Hand, and Fred Smith, ex-Crazy Ethyl guitarist, Demons of the Confedeacy set out to start playing southern rock and hardcore tunes. After auditioning several second guitar players to no avail, they set their sights on finding a vocalist with a singular sound.

Circumstances forced a departure from the band of Michael Reid, and Taylor and Smith were left in the unenviable position of finding not only a vocalist but a replacement drummer. Aaron Manter had answered an ad for vocalist and second guitarist all in one, and Junior Patterson was drafted to replace Reid as drummer.

This lineup would record a 5-song set of sludgecore-style music in the vein of Crowbar/Down/Black sabbath, and would continue until Manter's departure.

Not wanting to let the work go unfinished, in November Smith, Taylor, and Patterson agreed to resurrect DoC and begin again in earnest as a power trio bulldozer.

DoC has a distinct sound that is at once reminescent of old Black Sabbath mixed in with Black Label Society. With Taylor taking over lead vocal duties in a Peter Steele-style and throwing in crazy prog-rock inspired basslines, Smith's Zakk Wylde-influenced squealing pinch harmonics and riffs that dig a 40-foot deep trench, and Patterson mixing in jazz and Big Band-inspired drumming, DoC has a sound that is simultaneously bone pulverizing and earthy, while at the same time heavilly influenced by South Carolina clay mud, cotton mills, Civil War history, and everyday blue-collar working man southern rock.

If you like Starbuck's coffee, Abercrombie and Fitch clothing, My Chemical Romance, stupid haircuts, and black eyeliner, you might want to click on through. If, however, you're ready for some earth-moving classic metal...the kind you cut your teeth on back in the day on the radio...then Demons of the Confederacy promises to deliver all you can hold.


"That's like shooting up a syringe full of hot roofing tar."---John Taylor, bass/voice

" don't underSTAND!!"---Fred Smith, lead guitar

"I'll play. If you want me to change, yell at me til I change."---Junior Patterson, percussion/vocals


5-song EP/demo in progress

Set List


1. My Brain Hurts
2. Blacksnake
3. No Approach
4. Saturday Night Tokin'
5. Legion, For We Are Many
6. Caput Cavitis
7. The Ballad of Jimmy McClure
8. Starlight on Chrome
9. Adrenaline Letdown Syndrome
10. Refused to Shine

1. Working Man: Rush