Demon's Claws

Demon's Claws


Lo-fi garage punk trash from Montreal. Part Gibson Bros., part Back From The Grave, part lo-fi distorted crunch, part young Mick Jagger with a mouth full of pills.


Who knew? You knew, right? There’s a goddamn scene in Montreal! And, its a good one. Full of that "I’ll play drums in your band if you play bass in mine" kind of incest, and enough cheap studio time (and some real studs turning the knobs) to get record collector scum all hot and bothered, and turn more than a few of them into genuine record putting-out scum. The worst (or best) part? They’ve got this garage/punk/blooze/RnR thing down! Bands like The Demon’s Claws, BBQ, Les Sexareenos, The Scat Rag Boosters, The Spaceshits, The Treblemakers, The Cut Offs, Royal Routes, they "get it". Problem here is that it can’t last forever, and its always shit that floats to the top. Little Steven will get behind it, cover boys will emerge, the poseur duds will take over, and we’ll all look back and ask "what the hell happened?" Enjoy it now while it’s young, because they all grow up to be such bastards.

Lester Del Ray (the former Jeff Clarke of Edmonton) cut his teeth in the short-lived menage a trois, the Cut Offs, before joining a couple of former Les Météors (Pat Météor - guitar, Ysaél Pepin - bass) in the summer of 2003. A fan of both the Cut Offs and Les Météors, Skip Jensen (Scat Rag Boosters frontman, and all four limbs of Skip Jensen and his Shakin’ Feet) filled out the band on drums. They set out to record demos with Edouard Laroque (Les Sexareenos, Scat Rag Boosters) in July of 2003 and within a matter of days had over twenty songs finished and a line of drooling suitors waiting to put out records.

Claiming that they wanted "to be on the same label as the Bassholes", the band sent a three song demo to the Columbus, Ohio micro-indie Dead Canary, who agreed to put out a full-length despite never seeing them play live. Germany’s P.Trash Records agreed to put out the vinyl along with a pair of seven-inches book-ending it’s release.

Part Gibson Bros., part Back From The Grave, part lo-fi distorted crunch, part young Mick Jagger with a mouth full of pills. They play with an "aw, fuggit" swagger that finds them falling on all sides of the beat but pulling it all together before anyone gets hurt. Like flooring a V8 down a gravel road, but somewhow always managing to avoid the ditch. Inside this shiny gem you'll find bits of deserts and rattlesnakes, love and jerkin’ off, blood and guts, and an honest-to-god theme song.

The Demon’s Claws will tour Canada, the United States and Europe in 2005.


Demon's Claws s/t, CD 2005, Dead Canary
Demon's Claws s/t, LP 2005, P Trash
Demon's Claws 7", 2005 P Trash