Demon Waffle (ska!)
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Demon Waffle (ska!)

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States

Johnson City, Tennessee, United States
Rock Ska




"Schwindy's indie music spotlight: Demon Waffle"

It's not surprising that the first thing about this band that caught my attention is the name. Demon Waffle isn't the sort of band name you're likely to forget. (And isn't that the point when you have a band?) At this point, I should note that the cover art is pretty memorable too. I'm happy to report that the name and cover art aren't the only memorable things about this band.

From the opening notes of "Atilla," I was pretty well hooked on this album. And why not? What's not to like about uptempo punk-ska that gets you moving? Admittedly there are a lot of punk-ska bands that will get you moving, but the big difference with Demon Waffle is that this band will get you thinking too. It's like when you listen to Parliament and Funkadelic. When you listen to those titans of funk, you immediately start moving. Then while you're dancing, you realize there is a real message in the lyrics. It's the same with Demon Waffle. Take these lyrics from "Underdog" for example. "They get uptight if you get too bright because you might start thinking too much." This is the fifth song on the album, so you've already gotten in the groove of moving to the music when they lay that on you. And if you like that one, just dig the lyrics in "You Don't Know Me."

If you're a fan of ska bands like Mustard Plug, or if you just like bands that make you think, Demon Waffle is a band you need to know. Have your dancing shoes ready when you listen to this one. This band can get you sweating. - The Examiner

"Ska-Saturday: Demon Waffle"

Bands, look at that headline. Do you want to know how to get a person’s attention before that person hears a note of your music? Pick a name like Demon Waffle. I for one could not possibly resist checking out a band with that name.

Then I heard the music and I instantly got my reward for checking out the band with the memorable name. This band from Knoxville plays uptempo punk-ska reminiscent of Mighty Mighty Bosstones. But this isn’t just punk-ska. There is also a good amount of soul, particularly in the vocals. And if you like the soulful sound, check out “Far Behind.” Oh, and did I mention the band works some funk into its sound too. Just listen to the live version of “Too Slow” on the band’s ReverbNation page.

Let’s review: Demon Waffle is a punk-ska band with some healthy soul and funk influences, and an unforgettable name. What’s not to love about this band? Demon Waffle is finishing up a full-length album and loyal reader, you can take it to the bank that you haven’t read the last about this band on Incognito HQ. - Incognito Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Let’s all be honest with each other…you’re tired of listening to applications from bands that are trying to jump on the latest trend. We aren't that band. We have an electric guitar, bass, and drums. And horns. Lots of ‘em. We’ve been playing together since ’09 and are the veterans of over 100 live shows. In this time we have built a solid following and played several regional festivals while gaining 2,000 Facebook “likes” and 5,000 Twitter followers. Just like we don’t play games with our music, we don’t play games when we market either…booking us means you get a full-court press on the marketing front. We’ll make flyers and pass them out. We’ll march down the sidewalks of your city and play brass band music with sandwich board signs talking about how awesome you are for booking us. We’ll plaster your name and logo all over everything we touch. Quite simply put, we are a great investment for your venue or festival because we will do everything in our power to not only get people to your show but to surpass their expectations once they arrive. We are passionate about our music and passionate about selling it to your client base…unless you are against putting on a good show for your clientele and don’t like working with good, hard-working people there is no reason not to book us.