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Dem Rock’s style of rap comes from many different types of music, including hard core free style, classical, rock n roll/metal, and r & b. One of his most popular rapping styles can only be described as “West coast rhymes, with East coast beats”


Born and raised in Compton, California, Dem Rock started rapping at the young age of thirteen. He got much of his inspiration from such rappers as Ice Cube, Coolio, and Run-DMC. Along side with producer Cool Dub, Dem Rock started out as a DJ. He then developed his own style of Rap coming from many different types of music including Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, and even Classical. Dem Rock has been known to attack serious subjects in an unpredictable way leaving quite an impression on his audience.
Dem Rock’s 1st single “Body Language” made the Top Fifteen Hit list on the Joint One Record Pool International Chart on its first week of rotation; in addition it also made the Top Thirty Street List (the Underground Hip Hop Playlist). The single will appear on his EP titled “Ghetto Concerto”, which is scheduled for release in 2004 on the Centerline Music & Entertainment Label.


Ghetto Concerto

Written By: Dem-Rock

It's my Ghetto Concerto fo' sherto
Oratorio for my solo mak'n denerto

While I'm breakin' it down in A minor
I'm D major hip hop neva sounded finer

Let me remind ya if I finda in my score sheets
I'ma deploy my war sheets wit' more heat

I'm the Abysinian prince of hip hop
You can't discredit my shit it's Dem-Rock

You'll get socked with a hero symphony
Some shit 'il knock you back to the 17th century

A chief of master peaces my thesis
A symphony is it's for streets's

That brotha that's down with P'chz
With a sacred message I hope it reach ya peeps'z

Like Beethoven in his final period y'all
So def on this track I ain't hearin' y'all

Burnin' in the furnace of creation
Bakin' this hot track to rise to a new elevation

Flipin' ya overture like Fritz Reiner
My sound 'il go down in history when I retire

Y'all wish y'all can be this
Playin' with Will the accomplished pianist

Dem-quavah rappin' on the percussion
With the mass discussion warnin' of destruction

Check the artist that play my compositions
Copy my style but can't fade the competition

Paid a handsome fee for my performance
Audience applaud while I bow in my adornments

Standin' ovations held in high regard
Amongst the elite still ride with the blvd

My method kinda radical
For a young brother bangin' on a hip hop classical

I'm back to bust on yo' sonata
With a lota hip hop that's way hotta

I bust rhymes over my compositions
Eroica styles how I fight my competition

My quavers set to spark friction
A fraction 'il comprehend the non-fiction

Uplift you with my battle symphony
Sprayed ya whole crew like a crow had bitten me

Check out my dramatic sound of the course
While my orchestra is gettin' down

Cool Dub got the manuscript
To the classical sound but damn you hip

Hop back to the future of funk and hardcore
My rhymes so hard I wrote 'em on cardboard

Ya neva heard a sound like that befo'
Dem-Rock with the hip hop classical

Battle Symphony

Written By: Dem-Rock

It's your burial on your sterio
You flopped your first single I flipped and bust a aeria'

Back again on this Eroica symphony
Battling all you rappers that know you can't git with me

So move yo' hips and hop to the conductah
Sukas betta hope this hit don't even brush ya

We use to rap together now I don't know 'em and
I'm crossin' out your name like Beethoven did Napoleon

Rollin' you up like a dungeon cell mate
Checkin' my fresh queen while you stuck on your stale mate

Got yo' bishop on a death mission
I greet you with open arms then you left missin'

You sent your knights to revolt
But like your bishop one strike to your cult right to your throat

Your rook in foreclosure
Already checked with your mate she done exposed ya' (I'm foldin' ya)

Dem-Rock on the march to victory
Hard hittin' now y'all marks is history
Come celebrate the hip hop epiphany
Uplift you with my Battle Symphony

Oui oui monsiour parlez vous francais
Get in my way entre a battale

Dem-Rock the mic and flips the souffle
Kickin' up dust like it was Judgement Day

Joustin' MC's like medieval
Crushin' these rapers like Fritolay

Smashin' and bouncin' like Chevrolet
Do do do doin' MC's like Micheli'

Flips the scrip like a German composer
Your sermon is over your recital fits no exposure

Wit' ya amature skills
I'm comin' with the hammer on the anvil to damage ya skills

So let's git ready to rumble
Drop this single and recover ya fumble

Yo' ensemble don't fit my symphony son
I won't stop marchin' 'til victory is won

I give a fuck where you from or what hospital you born in
My soldiers sworn in ready to stick the sword in

Just a warning to you wanna be g-locs
Whether you from the west or east coast

No defeats folks toe-to-toe with street folks
Salaam-a-laikum when I approach the greet folks

My boys creep low when they need dough
So don't Tina turn yo' ass into a hero

'Cause I got you in my scope 'bout to peel you off
All y'all hopin' I don't kill you off

Big shot to my folkidox, throw up your set
But watch how you approach my loc

My niggas don't be broke they make ends meet
Don't be akzn Cool Dub for tracks Dem Dems beats

So while you frontin' and hatin' on what Demar said
Cool Dub nigga you fuckin' wit' some hard heads

Body Language

Written By: Dem-Rock

She talks to me with her body like the Barkays
Make me wanna reach in my pocket toss the car keys

Let you work the stick in my ride like I was Morris
Trade ya Ford for a ride on my Taurus

I put it down like I neva should a picked it up
The way I serve it up make a virgin give it up

Dem-Rock it don't stop it like a bambada
Ya 21 questions ain't worth a damn dollar

I cuts through the chase love at first site
I need to know if I'm in love wit' you the first night

Ya look so good if we compatible
I'll take you home and eat you like I was a canabal

I can tell you the one the way ya hips move
You ain't got to say a word the way ya lips move

Most brothas git they mack on trying to explain it
I kick back open up and read yo' body language

Yo' body language I can feel every word
The way you break it down all adjectives and verbs
I hear you loved and clear when yo' body shake
So won't you move it over here so we can conversate

Now I seen you when you first had walked in
That body got yo' ex-boyfriend stalkin'

But what's the fuss about-With a body that talk like that you can cuss me out

I been a bad boy anyway-
So you can rock a fella all the do da ditty day

The way your body move I see you groove a lot
On the dance flo' I notice that you move a lot

It's probably 'cause yo' body got a lot to say
My eyes are ready to listen what you got to say

Yo' body language is so straight to the point
I wanna take you higher baby straight to the joint

So let me hit that baby sit that-
And let me eat it like a rapper when he bit that

'Cause after one night you'll be stalkin' me
With that body language come on baby talk to me

Hush ya mouth girl move this way-
So won't you do exactly what the sin say

Work the runway like an Egyptian-
Walk this way catch it like I'm pitchin'

Got me doin' dances I neva did before
Back bends with my hips all in the floor

But where the endo go one puff you gone-
Request the DJ play another jeannie song

So you can reappear and grant my first wish
Git on the dance floor and see if you can hurt this

That 'il leave me with just one wish left
I'll save the last one in case you ever up and left

I like the way your hips swang when yo' body walk
Don't stop movin' baby let me hear yo' body talk


"Ghetto Concerto" EP
Hit Singles:
"Ghetto Concerto" (Radio Single in Rotation on "The Radio Show" with Dundee on 87.7 FM Los Angeles, CA)
"Body Language"
Both in the Top Street Hit List

Set List

Ghetto Concerto
Get on Tha Dance Floor
Body Language
Feel the Fire
Battle Symphony