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Being able to adapt is a skill that every soldier must learn: Survival on the battle field demands it. The first time you listen to "The Message", the debut offering from DEM SOUTHERNFOLKZ, you will understand that this group of two U.S. Army soldiers and a rock influenced college graduate are redefining just what adaptation really means. Stationed together in Texas at Ft. Hood, Thomas (BIG BEN) Benjamin and Richard (Kinfolk Jack) Jackson first connected in 2001. BIG B.E.N and Kinfoke Jack quickly learned that they both shared the same high standard of music. Almost from the day they met, they started writing songs together, and with constant encouraging from peers and their fellow soldiers Kinfolk Jack and BIG BEN started recording songs until the Army activated their unit for a tour in Iraq. Upon returning to Dallas in 2005 the duo became a trio after meeting third member Nathan Wright (Saturday Alridge) who had just moved back to Dallas from attending school in Chicago. BIG B.E.N would be called back to Iraq, but the three piece group found time to record The Message album when B.E.N was home on leave at the end of 2007. When asked to comment about today's music scene, Kinfolk Jack stated, "The reason why today's music sucks is, Artist have been chasing a dream and at the same time selling the fans/buying public a fantasy when reality is what people need. And until we get back to Real Music minus the fab five topics, Sex,Drugs,MDK(Murder,Death,Kill),Club etc., we will continue this endless roller coaster ride. With The Message Album, We're trying to give the people an alternative view and a choice to either choose music with LIFE in it or music that's stuck on repeat". DSFZ


Darling Sister

Written By: Dem Southernfolkz

At the sight of you familiar or new, Darling Sister I need You.....


The Message -2008

Set List

Gub'ment Cheese
1000 Miles
I Love It
Darling Sista
The Message