De Nalgas

De Nalgas


Mexican Punk/Rock band that like to say the true of our country, but sometimes the truth hurt


Formed in 2010 but together 15 years ago, we recorded a debut EP Topetitud studios in Mexico City, with songs like "Presidente pendejo" (president asshole) "Promesas y perdones" (promises & pardons) we try to be a speaker for a repressed generation.

For this EP the band worked with Paco Ayala (producer-Molotov) and the Art studio of Bang Buro, this album was nominated for "Best Punk Album" in the INDI-O AWARDS 2011.

The band began a tour across the country playing festivals, clubs and party gigs, and in October of 2011 the band recorded their second single label "I.V.A México" with Paco Ayala once again in the album's production.

The band worked hard against censorship of radio and media, but in spite of that we had 2 singles high programming at major stations of the country and live acts on television.


De Nalgas-2010
I.V.A México-2011