Denen Electric Co.

Denen Electric Co.

 Ocean City, Maryland, USA

Good 'ol, down-home roots music uniquely forged from the timeless power of the wind and ocean. A fresh take on many musical forms that make up the "Americana" genre. Turn them up loud, pour yourself something strong, and dig it!


The roots, americana group, The Electric Co., is enjoying a solid year. The band, which hails from Ocean City, MD is comprised of three of the most seasoned musicians on the Delmarva Peninsula. The early part of 2011 witnessed the release of their debut album, "Whiskey Tonight", featuring ten fresh, timeless, original tracks. Invigorated by it's release and many great performances in the Mid-Atlantic, the Electric Co. is setting it's course full speed ahead.

The music scene in the Mid-Atlantic reflects many unique sub-levels which all share common threads. The music of The Electric Co. unfolds in much the same way. Nuances of Rock, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, and Reggae directly reflect the many facets of life in their locale. The community is largely agricultural and rural while the industry is the seasonally bustling tourism of the popular beach resort. Peaceful hard work vs. raucous hard play.

"Whiskey Tonight", theElectric Co.'s freshman effort, reflects this dichotomy in convincing fashion. With the reggae injected "Nine Miles" and the gritty rock of "Isabel" to the rockabilly swagger of "To Heaven Before the Devil," there is something to be enjoyed by fans of all genres. Furthermore, the heart-felt sincerity of each performance leaves true music enthusiasts beaming with approval.

The Electric Co. has begun garnering attention from many media outlets. They've been featured in nearly all of their regional publications as well as the nationally distributed Americana Rhythm Magazine. In addition, college, local and regional radio has picked up several of the Electric Co.'s singles, such as "Cobblestone Blues" and "Win For Losing", and added them to regular rotation.

A very unique quality of the Electric Co. is that you will find them performing with several different approaches. With the core trio remaining steadfast, you may see them fully electric with organ and lead guitar. You may see them stripped down acoustic. And you may even see them with various bluegrass lineups playing with a traditional and oldtime approach. No matter what lineup you catch, you are prime for a fresh take on many forms of music that contribute to the "Americana" genre.

Dig it.


Win for Losing

Written By: Nathan W. Clendenen - (c) 2009 Poor Man's Muse

Its raining over salt water
The Bay it eats it up.
There's someone out stirring on the corner
and my dog begins to bark.
The wind it blows and blows
Cold and hard from the West.
Honey, I'm coming to you.
Honey, I'm gonna be your best.

What am I to do
What am I to say
For the shape that I have ended up in?
Maybe one of these days I will win for losing...

Well every road I've ever been down
I suppose had led me straight to you.
Maybe you're just a siren singing
And it was all my poor soul could do.
The wind it keeps on blowing
I can feel you coming hot from the North.
I'm just tryin to do something real.
Tryin to give a strong ship its course.

What am I to do...

Whiskey Tonight

Written By: Nathan W. Clendenen

I spent my last dime on a bottle of corn and rye
So that I might forget about you for a while
Tell me how did I love you so
Tell me how am I gonna let you go
I spent my last dime on a bottle
To forget about you...

And it's Whiskey Tonight
As my heart is burnin' bright
Yes it's Whiskey Tonight
As my heart is on fire
Yes my heart is on fire...

I sold my soul for this guitar so that I might write for you
The last song of mine with you in mind, yea honey, our parting tune
Tell me why do I sing the same songs
Tell my why it always goes wrong
I sold my soul all for you
It was all always for you

And it's Whiskey Tonight...

Ain't Got Your Love

Written By: Nathan W. Clendenen

No I ain't got nothin'
Ain't got no money
Ain't got no sugar
Sure ain't got no honey
I ain't got no reason to be lyin'
I ain't got your love but baby I'm tryin'

I saw you walkin'
Just the other day
My god my dear
Won't you walk my way
Maybe I ain't cool enough for your eyin'
I ain't got your love but baby I'm tryin'

Out of desparation
As these nights grow so long
My mind gets heavy
Singin' you these songs
My only heart is cold and dyin'
I ain't got your love but baby I'm tryin'

And it's all just killin' me
And it's all just killin' me heavy...

I ain't got water
I ain't got wine
And I'm singin' in the bar
As you shuffle by
Hey maybe baby
Can you spare a dime
I ain't got your love but baby I'm tryin

And it's all just killing me...

I ain't got nothin'...


"Win for Losing" and "Once a Lifetime" released as singles in the summer of '09 to impressive local support.

"Whiskey Tonight" full debut album. Released May 3rd, 2011
SIngles, "Win For Losing", "Cobblestone Blues", and "Whiskey Tonight" are in regular rotation at many of the area's FM stations.

On the horizon is a 6-Song Studio EP, with guest appearances by Nancy Micciulla, Kyle Coffey, and Robert Mabe due out in early 2012 and a selection of live recordings from a band performance at the legendary Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

More released material always in the works.

Set List

Set lists from the Electric Co. reflect highlights of their material as songwriters. Tight rock jams, sweeping country laments, hard-driving reggae riffs are cornerstones of their songwriting. Original selections are accented with poignant cover material which delves into each members' diverse influences.

Overview of Covered Artists:
Rock -
Allman Brothers Band
Bob Dylan
Elvis Presley
Eric Clapton
Grateful Dead
J.J. Cale
Jimi Hendrix
Led Zepplin
Neil Young
Paul Simon
the Pogues
the Police
Rolling Stones
Warren Zevon

Country -
George Jones
Jay Farrar (SonVolt)
Johnny Cash
Merle Haggard
Ryan Adams
Waylon Jennings

Reggae -
Bob Marley
Jimmy Cliff
Peter Tosh
Toots and the Maytals

George Gershwin
the Neville Brothers
Robert Johnson