Denes Kain

Denes Kain


Usually by the 4th album an artist has developed his own sound and production standards. The same seemingly cannot be applied to Denes Kain, yet, upon closer inspection everything that Kain does is tied together with a strong influence of blues and rock, solid songwriting and intriguing production.


"Born a songwriter about 21 years ago, I had no idea I would once be writing this. But who did? Maybe Mrs. Helga a teacher I had, and though she was always very kind, she's not the one I remember most. Life has swept me all over - though a lot of people might not know where it is I chose to come to this world in Hungary, right at the end of the Cold War. One would think great things follow a long war, and indeed. I have not stayed long there, for I have moved to England (about 912 miles west) and lived there in a tight Hungarian community. My father, some sort of banker without a heart, was on the move a lot and dragged me along whenever he could. For that reason I have never spent more then about nine months in one place - endless summers all over Europe. My father was also involved with a company that arranged tours or whatnot to musical acts. I have seen The Stones, McCartney, and others way to young to appreciate them, though I guess it contributed a great deal towards my musical development. When I was about to go to my 7th year in Elementary School, my family moved to Osaka (about 5,925 miles East) for reasons beyond me. However, after only about 3 months they sailed back to England, leaving me with a 'host' family. Actually, I was much better off. In Japan, I stayed (after a long negotiation with my father) two years, and finished elementary school eating sushi for breakfast, teaching English to little kids, and having a moderately normal life (if there's such). For my first year of High School I tried Hungary (feeling independent) in hopes of finding the truth in my childhood myths. Needles to say I haven't found anything but 5 US dollars in a bus stop on my way to the Castle on the top of the mountain people there call 'Gellert'. Taking it as some sort of a cosmic sign, I enrolled in the infamous foreign exchange program, and landed in the middle (literarily) of the American Dream: Tulsa, OK. I lived with a Unitarian family where I was forced (at gunpoint) to sing in the church's choir. Great times those were! Having learned about America enough (or so I thought), for my next year I went to the busiest place I could find - New York - even though I had to endure the chains and whips of a Catholic School. I don't remember how I ended up in Miami, but I soon got a job as a Martial Art's Instructor. Now this might seem a little unbelievable, so imagine my surprise when it happened. About a year after I quit thanks to the boss, his sister, and the woman secretly in love with me. Well, to make a short story long, that's pretty much it."


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