Denice Marie

Denice Marie


Barbara Streisand meets Belinda Carlisle with unique tones, thats Denise's style.


Florida based singer/songwriter/performer,Denise Steilberger, has been described as "taking you out of the current time and placing you somewhere that time stands still". Denise sings and performs with passion and conviction rooted in life's experiences.
Denise originally hails from Upstate New York, where she was a Worship Leader for five years. Denise has received 'honorable mention' in "Song of the Year" song contest. Denise is strongly influenced by the poise and grace of Barbara Streisand and the daring Rebelry of Belinda Carlisle.
Denises' favorite crossover singer is Amy Grant. She credits her writing style from reading Childrens Stories which keep it simple.


He Knew my Name

Written By: Denise Steilberger

He Knew My Name
lyrics vocals and composition by Denise Steilberger
background vocals by Eric Robert

There I was just sitting in the downtown bus station, without a penny to my name
Everyone passing me by down on my luck, I never knew good fortune, I escaped the lights of fame
You go about your day to day, don't pay me any mind, what was that you said Sir? It sounded so unkind.
The evening hours are coming all the beds at the mission will soon be gone.
Theres nothing left for supper oh it makes the night so long.

A face without a name, you say that it is me to blame, my situation self inflicted, he deserves to be addicted
Alcohol is what he'll buy. Those kind of people they don't even try! And I cried!

I woke up this morning I can smell that cup of joe
But what's the use in beggin, everyones got their own sad story you know
I felt a hand touch my shoulder, a chill went down my spine
a voice said "Listen Andy, Someday you will be fine!

I heard my name I heard my name,oh He spoke my name and
I found new life
He cared enough about me to speak my name
He called me by my name and I found new life

Well, there she is sitting in the downtown bus station,She doesn't have a penny to her name
Everyone just passing her by down on her luck, she never knew good fortune, she escaped the light of fame
Go about your day to day business and pray to God above that you will never see yourself hungry, forgotten, or unloved
She feels a hand touch her on the shoulder, a voice says,"don't cry Abbie, everything will be just fine"

She heard her name she heard her name, He spoke her name
and She found new life
He knew her name, He cared enough about her to
speak her name. He knew her name and she found new life!

Do you Know Someones name?
Give them a smile, a cup of joe, it just might ease their pain
When you speak someones name

He knows our name.. He knows our name


Denise hopes to land a television spot for her lyrics/music. Denises' new CD is about to be released, "Heart of Throne"

Set List

30 to 90 minutes
Heart of Throne
He Knew my Name
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Day of Jubilee
Your Amazing Grace
Distant Desires
Second Chances
Longest Minute
Megan Stebbins/Denise Steilberger,"Lessons from a Cookie Jar"

The Beatles, "Eight Days A Week"
Gary Lewis and the Playboys,"This Diamond Ring"
Bill Withers, "Aint No Sunshine"
Snow Patrol, "Chasing Cars"