DeniM is a melting pot of rock with a big landscape sound. Thoughtful lyrical content expressing ideals of uplifting, energtic emotions and social/world views. Influenced by U2, Peral Jam, Muse, Pink Floyd; DeniM are rock crusaders pushing the boundaries of rock through feel.


Can you define everything you stand for in a single word?
At first it’s easy to suggest DeniM takes its name from a pair of jeans but there is more to the name than what it suggests. It’s much like an ocean of music; the feeling of helplessness content at being carried away on its untamed surface; the thrilling rush of riding a wave; and the wonder of diving into its depths to discover what lies beneath. On the sea-bed is what lies at the heart of the band, it’s where the D & M of the name originates from, it’s the Deep and meaningful purpose.

The ocean that DeniM drops into is home to the sounds & philosophies of the entire history of rock n' roll.
Forming in 2003 DeniM began on the Sydney live circuit basing their music and sound around an energetic and passionate live act with a lasting impression on the back of a four track demo.
Today DeniM is a recognized live band putting on show after show with an ever evolving massive sound but it is their audience that DeniM considers the most important aspect of their show. The emphasis the band pays to their fans makes the show something special. The band hides no truth that it is the fans that are the reason & purpose behind the music and show. “It's a fantastic feeling when a crowd connects with you; you feel like nothing outside of here matters. It's just you and the audience becoming one voice. Our fans are our 'genes' - the essential weave in DeniM” Enz.

Memorable performances have been seen in venues such the National Theater in Melbourne, Bondi Winter Festival, The Gaelic Theatre, Annandale Hotel, Cat & Fiddle Hotel & the Basement to name a few. With a captivating live presence and beautiful blend of melody and chord structure laced with penetrating lyrical content, DeniM have achieved growing success. They have been chosen as a top band to feature on the Live at the Cat & Fiddle compilation CD Vol. II recently released through 456 records and MGM; they are winners of the Laney band and have recently returned from a successful Tasmanian tour to perform on Television’s TVS channel.

DeniM's 2nd EP, 'Just Can’t Stop' expressed an ability to touch on ideals and beliefs that are direct enough to appeal and open enough for interpretation. It is played and showcased on radio stations across NSW in Australia including Fbi 94.5fm and 2RDJ 88.1fm. Documentary film makers Warrior Films have used all 3 songs of the EP as theme and background music. Just Can’t Stop has won DeniM a place in the nation wide Ninemsn Soundcheck finals and has seen them support acts such as & double-gold album achievers The Black Seeds {NZ} Tambalane {Ben Gillies – Silverchair} and Blue Juice.

The new EP "Take the music & run" was launched early September at a apcked Bridge Hotel in Rozelle. The show was filmed by TVS & received some great reviews in local media such as Inner estern courier. "Take the music & run" is a representation of an ever evolving band in an ever evolving world. A band forever working at becoming the essential item in your musical wardrobe

The sound is undeniably indebted to rock and roll, so it's slightly ironic that the band sounds like a little of everything with a whole lot more with a growing fan base not quite like any other.

Our existence is in your hands, DeniM is in our genes!



Written By: Enz


There she turns
To blind my way
There she goes
The other way
Won’t give you the time
The time of day
Won’t give you the time
No time to play


She spouts with fire
Hot and red
More than the image
Inside my head
Capricorn goddess
With a wicked purr
Her infectious grooves
Tail in mouth for her


This City

Written By: Enz


The walking dead – are living amongst us
We might be outnumbered - but you can sure as hell count on us
Four million voices kicking in her womb
Let the music come alive – let it be born in this room

This city – is barely alive
Without us – She won’t survive

Through the smoke screen in her eyes – I was gasping for air
Caught in the traffic – in a rush to get no where
We'd really like tosee you - we really dig your style
Get up and join us - stay for a little
This city – is barely alive
Without us – She won’t survive

She's in danger and I feel false
Can't hear her breathing
No rhymic pulse
Can’t press my hands against her chest
Can’t trust myself at her breast
I feel her beating, beating, beating, beating down my walls

Someone Like You

Written By: Enz, Al

Someone Like You

I, Wanted you to know
You, are someone I look to
Woh oh, Woh o-oh
Woh oh, Woh o-oh
I, am after something true
I, am changing just like you
A heart, is all that’s left behind
Love, is what we need to find

Someone, Someone like you

I, don’t need to go too far
To find, the beauty that you are
I, need something to feel
I, need everything real


EP: Lighthouse - 2003 {AIRPLAY}
EP: Just Can't Stop - 2004 {AIRPLAY}
EP: Take the music & run - 2006

Set List

A set list is sometimes changed by the mood of the show. Today a typical set list would start with an intrumental instroduction. In an hour we average from 8 - 11 songs outside they can last up to over 2 hours.
The launch of Take the music and run was performed over two sets. The first set of 11 songs was an uptempo, good time, rocking set that went none stop. It was what we felt from a full house at the Brdige that night. The 2nd set went more into a little more musical journey. This showcased the two sides of the band. The total show lasted two hours. Hightlights included the introduction to the evening that included video footage put together by our genes (fans) and rocked into Chimera, opennign track of the new EP. The Magic that was another highlight as it was extened through the Bridge as the large crowd sung along to 'get up and dance'.