Denise Jordan Finley
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Denise Jordan Finley

New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Folk Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Finley and Pagdon"

I stumbled upon Finley and Pagdon after I just about gave up trying to find musicians for Harmony on the web. Typically, I find it is easy for me to connect and understand performers whom I have met and heard play in front of audiences. Looking online sometimes feels futile because of this. However, Finley and Pagdon captured me right away.

Their fresh yet timeless sound calmed me and their easy, quirky and sweet personalities gave me a sense that we have been friends our whole lives without knowing it. Finley’s vocals are rich with character over plucking guitar and bass strings, playfully weaving over and under each other like kids in a field while remaining subtly dark and mysterious. These two musician are songbirds on an important mission for our spirits; Denise Finley, light and laughing in the blue above and Daniel Pagdon, steady with the sky map.
- Posted on April 24, 2012 by admin Jill Carletti, Silk Mill HARMONY, Hawley, PA

"Denise Jordan Finley and Daniel Pagdon"

"... you already know Finley is the hardest-working woman in Hudson Valley nightlife. " - Chronogram

"Meadow Creek Gazette"

"...Your songs were evocative and well-crafted, your guitar playing extraordinary...I love your voice!" - David Simpkins

"Offbeat Magazine"

"Her voice covers the whole range with no discernable flaws, a definite joy to listen to..." - Offbeat Magazine


This music obsessed singersongwriter packed a generous 20 songs onto READY OR NOT. Jordan-Finley's versatile voice warms in celebrations and whispering prayers, and her guitar work is just as flexible. Whether strumming the Blues, picking a complex instrumental, she is consistent and engaging. In 'Little Secrets,' twangy country guitar is matched with her yodeling lilt, creating a broken herted tradedy that ends with a ray of sunlight. While the song 'Memorial Day' is gleaned from tommbstones in a graveyard. Her husband, Brazilian Jazz man Matt Finley, plays on 'Under the Radar' and 'Whenever Winter Comes.' There are a long list of powerhouse players on the disc that includes Clifford Carter and Cyro Baptista. On the instrumental 'Jumping on the Bed,' Denise plays big fat notes on her perfectly tuned graphite guitar. The last song, 'Music Teqcher Blues,' is a funny live performance that tells the tail of teaching young people who don't always want to learn, but think they are experts on the subject. You can check out and listen to 'Ready Or Not,' or go to to check out her extensive schedule of area appearances.
J. Spica" - Chronogram

"Denise Jordan Finley"

Denise Jordan Finley has been delighting audiences in the Northeast due to her ability to cross genres. Known as a singer-writer, Denise is a chunky guitarist and an edgy singer. Her songs cross over from folk to alternative to country-rock all with a little bit of a jazz flavoring.

- Quail Hollow Events

"Folk Queen Finley..."

"...powerful, poignant songs and haunting guitar playing have earned her a national following..."

Finley started her career in the late 1060's as part of The Young Pretenders, a folk trio from the Hudson Valley that was played by famed DJ Cousin Brucie on his WAMC radio program. Since then, she has produced a solo album, "Company Wife" and earned numerous awards for her songwriting. - The Daily Freeman

"Music and the Finleys -- A Family Affair"

"...Superb musician...superb guitarist..." - The Country and Abroad

"from Bob Muller"

"Denise has a pretty pretty soprano..." - JMDL Digest

"Cool Jazz, Hot Coffee..."

...A contemporary singer-songwriter with an edgy voice, Denise Jordan Finley plays an unusual Rainsong, Acoustic Cutaway Orchestra Model graphite guitar that complements her style of open tunings, finger-picking, and powerful base lines... - DCC in the News


"HAUNTRESS" (2007)
"SOLSTICE" (2010)

HAUNTRESS includes two award-winning songs, and features examples of Denise's best writing, and certainly the most haunting pieces in her repertoire. Accompanied by Pagdon on Contra Bass Guitar, with brilliantly arranged Horn and Flute accents by Matt Finley, this volume of songs also features the Voice of veteran back-up singer Penny Nichols, the Piano of Grammy Award winner Clifford Carter, and Octave Mandolin and Lead Guitar by Mark Dann.

SOLSTICE is a seasonal album which touches the celebration and romance of the changes from fall to winter. Its appeal is unversal. The songs range from Finley's fresh interpretations of classic holiday songs to general winter songs spiced with guitar instrumentals. She is joined by duo partner Daniel Pagdon on Contra Bass Guitar, Matt Finley on Alto Flute and Soprano Sax, Drummer, Danny Gottlieb along with Clifford Carter - Grammy winning Keybordist.

GIRL ON THE RHYTHM GUITAR is available at our website, CD Baby, and iTunes, to name the most prevalent ones. It features the co-writing of Denise Jordan Finley and Daniel Pagdon. Their sound is sound on this album has a more traditional sound than the previous collections. It will be released in its material form in the spring of 2013.

"Denise can do it all - write, sing, play, and perform. It's a treat to hear her, and I always learn something when I do"
(David Roth)

"There just aren't enough superlatives to do your
new CD justice.

I seem to have a problem--I can't get it out of my CD
player. I keep waiting for a mediocre song to come on
so i can eject it or fast forward it but I can't find
one that is not exquisite!

You've created an album that is an eight course meal.
complete with several appetizers, entrees and
desserts. Despite feeling fully sated by the meal, it
leaves me wanting to consume it again and again and
again... Your restaurant gets five stars out of four!"
(Tom Ryan, SummerSongs)

Also by Denise Jordan Finley....

Dome Island Records (1986)

Dome Island Records (1987)

READY OR NOT... (Twenty of My Favorite Songs)
Dome Island Records (2005)



"A superb blend of genres, folk, country, jazz, blues, rock, with an awesome style all your own!!! Five stars high & five stars wide!!!!!
(Wade Farlowe, Soundclick)

Often microscopic in nature, the songs focus on everyday people and the familiar events of life, while bringing forth the poignant and often dramatic details as are felt deep in the spirit and the heart. The recently released CD, HAUNTRESS is decidedly metaphysical in tone.

Finley's vocals, show expression coming from a full life of observation, compassion, sorrow and joy... Her guitar work emerges as uncommonly intricate, harmonically compelling, and rhythmically powerful.

Denise has performed her original songs since she was first honored as a high school student in 'Super Teen,' a national music awards contest for emerging young artists. She has appeared with Bill Keith, Aztec Two Step, Priscilla Herdman, Sally Rogers, Howie Burson, Steve Gillette, Bob Franke, Kenny Edwards, Tom Kimmel, Pat Donehue, Sloan Wainright, Ann Hills, Michael Smith; and has been accompanied by world class musicians: some of Freebo, Mark Egan, Dick Kniss, Roger Mason, (bass) Danny Gottlieb, Joel Rosenblatt, (drums) and Clifford Carter, (keyboard.)

She is self-taught in her craft, playing music for live audiences in concert halls, small venues, and festivals. Her five albums on the Dome Island Records label are commonly heard on all genres of radio.  Folk DJ Lists, an international organization of radio DJs has cited her numerous times in the top 6 of their monthly lists for best "album," "song," and "artist." national television, including CBS This Morning. Her tours have covered coast to coast United States, Europe, and the high seas.

Finley has received multiple song writing Honors from National and Regional Competitions, honored by the The Great American Songwriting Contest with their "Excellence in Songwriting award. Other honors come from the New Jersey Folk Festival, Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Showcase, The Great Lakes Songwriting Competition, and The Plowshares Songwriting Competition. She was a silver medalist in the Mid Atlantic States Competition. In 2007 her songs won an unprecedented three category sweep in The Walnut Valley Folk Festival.

"Denise Jordan Finley...WOW!"
(Jim Marzano, A.I.R. STUDIO, Kingston, NY)

"Denise Jordan Finley-- stunning, amazing lyrical music. You are wonderful, beautiful! Thank you so very much! What a wonderful day it was with you. We are overjoyed to have you return. I absolutely love your music. Thank you!

"Here is the scoop du jour in northern Dutchess County: Finley is the hardest-working woman in Hudson Valley nightlife...playing contemporary folk and guitar-based instrumentals as a musical digestif" (The Chronogram)

"Gluteus Maximus Kickin' ... You rock the Cazbah!" (Sloan Wainwright)

"Superb musician" (The Country and Abroad)

" I really love your songs and your performance. You take the stage and every eye and ear in the
place is focused on you. It's just magic. you really can WOW the house. a beautiful hot chick to boot! What's not to like?" (Clayton Hill, House Concert Series, Tidewater, VA)

On receiving "Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting" in the Great American Songwriting Contest: "Congratulations on your excellent songwriting. The competition was particularly strong in your category last year, making your achievement all the more impressive." (Steve Cahill President, Songwriters Resource Network)

"you are knocking 'em dead all over the place."

"Sweet stuff" Noel Paul Stookey 

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