Denise Allen Band

Denise Allen Band

 Prescott, Arizona, USA

Denise Allen is an evocative American rock and blues performer with a growing following of enthusiastic fans in America and Europe. Part old-school blues-rock diva a-la Joan Osborne, part pop-rock diva a-la Sheryl Crow and part indie-rock power vocalist a-la K.T. Tunstall - Denise is one-of-a-kind!


The Denise Allen Band feature Georgia native, Denise Allen on vocals backed by Ricky Henderson from Brisbane, Australia, Sylvan Incao from New York and Zac Parker from San Francisco. Since the release of their latest LP “You/Me/Us" in May of 2010, the Denise Allen Band has pushed onwards and upwards, growing bolder and more daring both in writing and live shows as time has passed.

Denise and Ricky spend most of their time in a disused office space making sounds that eventually become songs, while Zac polishes up the songs in the band’s recording studio. Zac is the rock from which their music jumps, creating rhythms which pave paths for Ricky, Sylvan and Denise to run, skip, fall and sprint briskly on. All the vocal melodies are supplied by Denise while the lyrics are given to the band by long-time friend, conspirator and mentor Lee Lozowick. Sylvan is the band’s multi-instrumentalist, swapping instruments on different tracks. Their songs are landscaped with infectious guitar lines and/or driving bass with pounding drums all punctuated by Denise’s earthy yet sublime vocal stylings. 

Other releases include the LP, “True” released in 2009 and the LP “Diamonds & Silk” from 2008.  Denise also has two LPs from ‘02 and ‘03 titled “Not Just Another Diva” and “He Takes My Soul.” Currently demoing songs with a new album in their sights, the Denise Allen Band plan to go into the studio to record a new album in the fall of 2011.

Their recent tour of Europe found them sharing stages with the likes of Ana Popovic at “Blues Nights,” Gossau, Switzerland, gently gracing the clubs at “Jazz Tage,” Arosa, Switzerland, and playing their more hard-driving blues and rock repertoires to packed crowds at Meppen’s “15th International Jazz & Blues Night” and opening for Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings at the “Cahors Blues Festival” in France, among others. One gig of special note was a show at the main stage of the “Summer in Bourges Music Festival” in Bourges, France where the band played their full repertoire for a rapterous audience of about 5000 people.

The Denise Allen Band have set out to be organic in the way they develop as a band.  Besides believing in themselves, they believe word of mouth to be as helpful as any internetiwebical gob, that having fun and making friends along the way is essential to that organic growth.

This the Denise Allen Band …

Denise Allen Incao - vocals
Ricky Henderson - guitar
Sylvan Incao - bass & harmonica
Zac Parker - drums


How Love Is

Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

Bluer than blue, redder than red
that’s how love is when you get ?out of your head
Greener than green, not black or white
it’s the end of sleepin’ ?undisturbed at night

Some say love can’t be explained
it’s clear to me it’s a speeding train
Once you’re on ?and you’ve seen all the light
all you can do is hang on tight
Poorer than poor, richer than rich
that’s how love is when you get the itch
higher than high, lower than low
you can’t stop your runnin’ – ?but there’s nowhere to go

Sweeter than sweet, sadder than sad
that’s how love is when ?your heart’s been had
Harder than hard, better than good
and you’d never choose ?anything else if you could

©2010 Bad Poet Producitons, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Own You

Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

Honey, I don’t own you, ?but sometimes I wish I could
you’re too good to believe ?and it’s understood now
that you’re free to be you ?and that I’m free to be me
and that you, you are not ?my exclusive property

No, no, no … no I don’t own you
Yeah, yeah, yeah … ?I wish I owned you
I think that’s too bad now ?at least from my point of view
I’d sure hate to lose you ?tell me is it true now
if I get too possessive ?and if I hold on too tight
will it push you away? ?cause that couldn’t be right

You’re too good to believe
Tell me is it true now
If I hold on too tight
Will it push you away?

I know I don’t own you, honey?but I’d sure like to
keep you all to myself ?and no one else near you
it’s not that uncommon ?anyone would feel the same
cause there’s no one like you ?and it drives me insane

Who Will

Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

When the children are cryin’
cause the mothers are dyin’
And the fathers are in another war
What the hell can you do
when you know what is true
But someone else is
keepin’ the score
When the heavens are a closing
and the gods they are dozin’
And the devil’s havin’ one fine day
When the earth’s bein poisoned
and love’s hard and cloyin’
Who amongst us will stand up
and say
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough of evil and hate
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough
I won’t be included in your fate
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough
I’ve had enough of blindness
and pain
I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough
I want the sunshine not the rain
Governments are run by profit,
greed, and are not gun shy
And there doesn’t seem to be
an end in sight
When solutions are buried;
relaxation is hurried
And our health is never
seeming quite right
When nobody’s talkin’
cause the internet’s stalkin’
And no one seems to
notice or care
When it’s money buys you
and we’ve lost all our reason
Who will speak up, who will
speak up
Who will dare


Written By: L. Lozowick / D. Allen Incao

Lovin’ you is all I’ve got
it keeps me in this place
it makes this life worth livin’
and it fills it up with grace
outside there’s so much ?dirt and noise
but inside there is you
when I come home each day
it’s so sweet and always so new

It’s you, yes it’s you – ?you are my ground
my anchor and my salvation too
Whenever I’m worried ?whenever I’m blue
I just remember that it’s you

The times are so hard, so many
are fallin’ through the cracks
and it’s a mighty struggle
to stay straight and on the tracks
there’s hardly any reason
to do all that I do
except for one, the only one
the reason, love, is you

Well there’s so much hate and fighting
so little peace of mind
You know our countries ?and our people
They’re all fallin’ far behind
The only thing that keeps me
on a course that’s straight and true
is the feeling that I get
When I am held by you


Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

Every morning when I wake up
and look over at you
the wonder’s recreated
our love starts up anew
I’ve never gotten tired
even after all these years
we have had such laughter
and we’ve shared some tears
Oh you,
you make my life brand new
Every day is a new day
a new way to say
Friends just keep asking
how we’ve managed to survive
with all this love and tenderness
how we’ve kept it all alive
I don’t know how to answer them
It’s that this love so true
is more important than all else
Nothing comes between
me and you
And every night when day is done
I thank the universe
that brought you here and
keeps you here
cause nothing could be worse
than never to have known a love
that shines like mine for you
that keeps on burning like the sun
a love so tried and true.

You're Gone

Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

Yes I’m scared and so alone
But when it’s all said and done
I fought hard to keep you
But now that you’re on the run

I’m so happy that you’re gone
I’m so happy that you’re gone
Oh so happy that you’re gone
I’m so happy that you’re gone

I don’t like remembering
That once we had such a bond
How could I have been taken in
Been taken in by your con

I don’t know what love is
Except it ain’t no magic wand
Yes I’m scared and so alone
But when it’s all said and done


Written By: L. Lozowick / R. Henderson / D. Allen Incao

No smoking don’t do it
and I ain’t into wine
My memory’s too sharp
to erase your lines
The ones you left
when you left me so far behind
Will these hauntin dreams
ever let me be
get the hell out, get outa my life
get outa my mind
take out the knife
get the hell out, get out for good
I’d change the past if only I could
I wanna go unconscious
but I can’t even sleep
You got in my darlin
yes, you got in deep
I never shoulda let myself
go so far
but I trusted you
now I’m hurtin so
Oh yeah sure I still love you
but damned if I care
just want to forget you
man it just ain’t fair
How can one little heart
feel so much pain
I don’t like the hurtin
I don’t like the strain


"You/Me/Us" - LP 2010
"True" - LP 2008
"Diamonds & Silk" - LP 2007
"He Takes My Soul" - LP 2003
"Not Just Another Diva" - LP 2002

Set List

Adventure (orignal)
All (orignal)
Am I Wrong (Keb Mo)
Alone in Heaven (orignal)
Always On the Run (Lenny Kravtiz)
Big Black Horse (K.T. Tunstall)
Can’t Let Go (Lucinda Williams)
Crossroads (Robert Johnson)
Don’t Say No (orignal)
Everybody (orignal)
Fire (Jimi Hendrix)
Flaming Red (Patty Griffin)
Free Fallin’ (Tom Petty)
Freedom (orignal)
Get On It (orignal)
Get You Down (orignal)
Good Love Is On the Way (John Mayer)
Gravity (John Mayer)
Help Me (Sonny Boy Williamson)
How Love Is (orignal)
If Love Was A Train (Michelle Shocked)
It Ain’t No Sin (orignal)
Memory (orignal)
Move Over (Janis Joplin)
My Babe (Little Walter)
Pity (orignal)
Probably Will (Concrete Blonde)
Recreated (orignal)
Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin)
Shiver (Robert Cray)
Sunshine of Your Love (Cream)
Three Times (orignal)
Undream You (orignal)
Use Me (Bill Withers)
What You Gonna Do (Joan Osborne)
When (orignal)
When I Grow Up (Michelle Shocked)
Where Did the Dream Go (orignal)
Why Shoul