Denise Barbarita

Denise Barbarita


"A combination of Pop-Angst, Rock and Folk"


With 3 albums under her belt, Beauty Lied” (2002) “Chaos & Congeniality” (2005), & “Alive & B-Sides” (2007), “Avante-Rock” songstress, Denise Barbarita is in production for her 4th album, "A Beautiful Mess", due for international release in the Summer of 2009.

The new album features her new band line-up, The Morning Papers, as well as a few prominent guest musicians, and co-writers.

Denise's primary goal is to license her music for Film/TV.
In 2008, Denise was delighted to find her song entitled, "No More Words" was used in the opening of a film for the Nissan Outdoor games 2008.
Over 10 of Denise’s songs are featured regularly on the daytime TV dramas, "One Life to Live" and "The Young & The Restless". The single from "Chaos & Congeniality", entitled "Hush Hush" was featured on the ABC prime time TV series, "Traveler". It was also featured as the opening theme for the independent film, "How to Grow an Olive Tree".
She is also happy to compose "on demand" for any project.

Since 2003, Denise has toured across the US, and continues to do so in support of her new release, wowing audiences with her live shows.

When not on the road, Denise works hard as a producer/engineer to help other independent & major label artists realize their dreams of making great albums at the world class facility, Kampo Studios in NYC.
As a recording engineer, Denise has worked with a long list of top selling and independent artists alike; Some credits include Grammy nominated artists such as Angie Stone, Karrin Allyson, Herbie Hancock, David Byrne, Mary J. Blige, Bruce Cockburn, and The Roots. Independents include, singer/songwriters, Brenda Kahn, Kristi Martel, Celia Shacklett, Allison Tartalia, Alyson Greenfield, Halley Devestern, and guitarist, Michael Hewett.

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Currently in 2009, Denise is finishing the recording of her next studio album, "A Beautiful Mess".

Denise's songs are featured on over 40 college and independent stations nationwide, including 89.5 WSOU(Seton Hall U, NJ), Univ of Hi, KTUH, and the nationally syndicated Laney Goodman's "Women in Music" program.

Denise has been featured in national magazines such as "Billboard", "Women Who Rock", and "Ballbuster".

Denise's CDs can be purchased online from and
Songs can also be downloaded individually at iTunes and
In 2009 Denise plans to have digital downloading available artist direct from her site, in many different formats.


Hush hush- 2005, Chaos & Congeniality

Written By: Denise Barbarita


Hush Hush
there’s no use in crying over spilt milk baby
the damage is already done
Hush Hush
quit trying to play like you’re some
bad ass big shot gotta make it to the top or else
you’re whole falls apart
everybody else is doing thier thing
while your gut’s doing somersaults
hush hush
the damage is already done

hush hush
all you do is push
we all know what you want why ram it down our throats
hush hush
why not find some peace and find a yoga coach
it’s trendy you’ll be the envy of your friends
but you’re you’re whole falls apart
when you start comparing your life to
what everybody else has got
hush hush
please step off your pity pot

hush hush
you’re split right down the middle
with your two halves crabbing over who should have the last laugh
hush hush
get yourself together
you’re just too high strung- on your way to some happy house
before you’re whole world falls apart
don’t believe the grass is greener
they’ve all got secrets they don’t want revealed
hush hush
the damage is already done

hush hush
just shut up
take control of your life
you can’t cry every time things don’t
come your way

© 2001 MyShyTune Music Publishing

Appleseed (2005, Chaos & Congeniality)

Written By: Denise Barbarita


it was
2 days to wait
a lonely stretch of road
a straitaway
the weight
was carried like a flag
on parade

it was
2 days of waiting
i didn't even think to pray
all i could see
was me in second place

too late
and i was
a branch from the dying tree
caught between them
i can't compete with the appleseed

it was
2 days to wait
i didn't even see the light change
silence remains
regretting every word
i've never said

it was
2 days of waiting
worshipping the queen of pain
all i could see
was me in second place


© 1998 MyShyTune Music Publishing

It's What you Said (2002, Beauty Lied)

Written By: Denise Barbarita


Don’t play dumb
you feed on insecurities
a vampire to my senses
insulting my integrity
always so coy
boy you’d better wake up
i’ve given up
you’re on your own

You’re falling down
i won’t go with you

It’s so easy
to be mr zero responsibility
it’s just always my fault
isn’t that what you said?

stand up strait
boy you’ve got a lot to learn
all you can do is take
you’re a slave to your misery
always so sure
well you’d better wake up
i’ve given up
you’re on your own

(pre chorus/chorus)

© 1999 MyShyTune Music Publishing

Happy Happy (2005, Chaos & Congeniality)

Written By: Denise Barbarita


I let you under my skin
claws digging unmercifully
i let you get to my head
a constant abomination
past the door of consciousness

so did you think that your relentless interventions
would finally cause me to lose my grip
I guess the joke is on you
Pending your removal
you’ve decided that I’m now an old friend

So are you happy happy?
well I can tell you that I am

And then there’s you
Mr. “I need you to do this for me”
followed by guilt trip if i say “no”
promises while asking for compromises
under the lovely guise of family ties and protection
far be it from me
to remind you of the fact
that all these bridges burnt can’t be built back
I guess I should’ve recognized that side
before I wasted so much time
so I apologize for the both of us

so are you happy happy?
well i can tell you that i am

©2002 MyShyTune Music Publishing/Denise Barbarita/BMI

In Pieces

Written By: Denise Barbarita

In Pieces

as in blue hues
crashing waves through
her midnight eyes
said think you know me
can you feel me
she gives and she's taken

so here lies
and ode to the girl
is lost
she shields her eyes
so here lies
and ode to the girl
in pieces

as in "closed to"
breaks the words through
her best evening smile
is it only
what you owe me
she gives and she's taken


The Last Breakdown

Written By: Denise Barbarita


yeah yeah, you win i’m about to give it up
yeah yeah you win I just wanna make it stop

don’t think I’m strong enough
they say bend down and take it like a man
I’m so tired out
frazzled the last nerve of a broken body

it’s too soon to tell I don’t want to give it up
it’s too soon to tell I’m just trying to make it work

don’t think I’m strong enough
crushed lungs it’s getting to hard to breathe
but I’m so tired of this
take what you want then spit it back at me

breakdown fall
drag me down
break my will
kick and scream
crawl and scrape
i break through
stand up
I’m standing

I’m still here

no no you lose I’m not gonna give it up
no no you lose I just wanna live it up

yeah I know I’m strong enough
the cycles made to be chipped away
this is the last breakdown
these are the last words of a wounded girl
yeah I’m all fired up
not gonna bow down to anyone
yeah I know I’m strong enough
these are the last words of a wounded girl

©2004 MyShyTuneMusic Publishing

Poisonwood Tree (2009, A Beautiful Mess)

Written By: Denise Barbarita


Safe in the shade of my poisonwood tree
Shaking and seething in disbelief
My sunken eyes peek through the leaves
How have I found comfort and solace in this,.. pain

Went from 1st born favorite to latch key
I’m being played like a puzzle piece
Forced in a corner then brushed off to the side
Cuz I don’t fit,.. in

There’s no room for grey it’s now black and white
It’s a one sided game I’m either with you or not
You see me as something that needs to be fixed
Cuz I don’t fit,.. in

You look at me through drunken eyes
You don’t hear the cries from your wounded child
Covered in scabs and dirt from falling head first
Trying to fit,.. in

You taught me to think independently
So why be surprised by my questioning
You were the one who said I could do anything
If I tried
And I tried
So why can’t I fit in?
Why couldn’t I stop this?

I couldn’t stop this from happening

Safe in the shade of my poisonwood tree
Eating the same fruit that’s killing me
Hiding behind this fortress of guilt
Layers of fat under blistered skin

I couldn’t stop this from happening
And I tried

Forgive me

On Your Side

Written By: Denise Barbarita


hi there mr. sunshine
dare to hear your shadow speak
i can't be myself and be
the fantasy you seek

i'm running off to somewhere
underneath the crescent moon
hiding every grievance
until i can be truthful

do you know what i want
do you know what i crave
and in your land of make-believe
i should be exactly what you need

all i want is to be released
and i'm still here
all i want is to see you happy
and i'm still on your side
i'm hoping that you're still on mine

hi there mr. sunshine
dare to hear your shadow speak
i can't be in love
if all i want to be is a friend
reaching out to your heart
all the things i've never said
planting every grievance
i'll leave room for your regrets


copyright 1998 MyShyTune Music Publishing


•Denise Barbarita, "Alive & B-Sides" (2007)

•Denise Barbarita, "Chaos and Congeniality"-LP, 2005

•Denise Barbarita,"Beauty Lied"-LP, 2002


•Tracking/Mix Engineer/Background Vocals/Bowed guitar/electric guitar: Celia, "Transformateurs"(2009)
•Bowed Guitar/Background vocals/Mix engineer: Alyson Greenfield, "Tuscaloosa" (2008)
•Producer/engineer/mixer/Bowed guitar: Kristi Martel's "Bound" single (2003), "Brave Enough" LP (2001) & "The Mule" (2004)
•Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Bowed guitar/background vocals: Halley Devestern's LP "Superhero Killer"(2003)
•Co-producer/Engineer/Mixer/bowed guitar and oscillator music: JenEd: "Exposed" (2004)


Set List

The set list varies with the venue.
Denise's band is incredibly versatile in this respect.

When touring, Denise generally performs as a soloist, accompanying herself on guitar; She also performs with drummer/percussionist, Rich Kulsar, as a duo.

Denise has begun experimenting (successfully) with Bowed guitar. (the electric guitar is played with a violin bow) This technique has been well received by audiences in her performance of "A Warm Place" and she is now experimenting, not just with bowing but also looping pedals with her newest song, "Poisonwood Tree".

While Denise and her band perform mainly original material, she does have a few cover songs on the list, here are a few:
Todd Rundgren: "Hello It's me"
Led Zeppelin: "That's the Way"
Squeeze: "Tempted"
John Wait: "Missing You"
Journey: "Don't Stop Believin'"
Tori Amos: "Baker baker" (solo/duo only)
Tori Amos: "Little Amsterdam"
The Pretenders: "Private Life"
Mellissa Etheridge: "The Way I Do"
NIN- "Last" (solo