Denise Hradecky

Denise Hradecky

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

mellow, interesting, frustrated, fun, .. indie..


Denise Hradecky grew up in the Chicago area and started playing organ and piano in grade school. She left home to move to Boston in 1996, taught herself guitar, and began developing her own musical style as an independent artist, while also learning how to record her own music. In 2000, Denise moved to Raleigh, NC, recording and performing along the east cost. In 2004, she moved back to Chicago to go to school, but still performs in the area. She says she will always be writing and recording, and mostly giving it away for free.

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Save the Universe

Written By: Denise Hradecky

Take me home. I don't know where to go. I wanna feel something. I take my time in making you mine, I wanna be your something. Don't want to be, mediocrity, your philosophy, until it's done with. I wanna go, where no one'll go, from my head to toe. I'll make it something, oh something, oh something...that is real, that is real.


Save the Universe
tv dinners
self titled 45
"to jimmy with love" ep
"invisible thread" ep
"untitled" ep
"it's you not me"
getting digital distribution through IODA distribution, including, and itunes.
all getting air play on analog, and digital radio..mostly independent stations and college..

Set List

usually play for an hour, and play a variety of new and old songs.. sometimes i cover other artists songs, for example neil young...