denise rains

denise rains


CMA MEMBER,Beautiful voice with attitude to go with it, singing clean positive country music. Original music as well as cover songs from todays biggest hitmakers, as well as past hits. She makes you feel a part of the show, a tinge of shyness ,but an awesome performer


Denise Rains Is one of those people you meet and feel as though she is your best friend, Always the one to help out, to give of herself for anyone. Denise has always had a desire to sing, at the age of 5 she held her cousins "hostage" while she perfected singing the great music of the day, always trying to do her best to carry the song as she had heard it. Unfortunately, growing up, Denise lacked the support and family help she needed to mature as an artist. Having a mom she has since lost to mental illness and a home life that was not the best. Denise had to make choices in life that was not always the best, and certainly not the worst. She still kept the tune in her, always singing to herself as an escape from the everyday tragedies of life.

Denise grew up quickly, meeting her longtime husband at an early age,"We knew each other from about 10 years old" she will tell you, having getting married at the young age of 17. Life was at best average growing up in a southern town, living like most people, week to week and month to month, Denise still found little time for her dream, to see what she had wanted to do since she was the young age of 5 to be onstage, in front of a crowd, showing the world what she could offer. Having three children took alot of her time, as well as volunteering at school and church and working full time to help support the family.
It was not until 2004 that some friends had actually talked her into going to a restuarant and singing the passtime favorite "karaoke". It hit Denise hard to do that in front of several people, but as she did so, she realized her dream never died, just was taking a rest and needed to be awakened to show the world. And everywhere she went to sing people started to take notice that she had a distinct voice, something new from others, while still a great sound, "People started asking me to sing certain songs when I would show up to sing karaoke, that made me feel so special, like nothing in the world could" said Denise. Well friends started taking notice and encouraged her to enter contests. Which she did, losing several as she went but learning how to correct herself, and to improve her style and to actually entertain the crowd. She actually won her first contest in 2006 in Cleveland. She had placed well in several others too, but she started to realize her dream was burning to get out, to live again in her heart, At that point it did not matter about karaoke or contests, she only wanted to perform, to entertain a crowd. This coming from a shy lady that could hardly talk to another being scared of if they would like her or not.
The deck has always kinda been stacked against Denise, but she has never given up on her dream. "If you have something that you are passionate about, live it, do it, get up right now off the couch, or out of your seat and let go with your dream, you will have people tell you that you are not good enough, or do not look right, or too skinny, too fat, what matters is what you feel, NEVER let anyone take your dream, as well it is Never too late to enjoy your dreams, there is always a second chance. Take it, if it fails grab the third one, make yourself do what you really want with life. "Denise has said.
You will find that Denise is just like you, living for the day, paying the bills as we all do, wanting to strangle the man in our lives, all the while raising the kids to have it better than she had and living a dream that we all chase,

I think she has actually caught it......come join her, follow her on a journey.................


Made her way around the area last year doing shows some opening and several as headliner act. new cd to be done this spring as well as release of video for distribution.

Set List

Normally we do 3 to 4 sets of 45 minutes each, cosisting of original laced into cover songs from Martina, Reba, Faith, Gretchin, as well as some male Eric Church etc.We also cover some rock tunes as well as pop top 40 and southern rock. very entertaining show. several shows over the summer 2006 saw a steady return of fans who wanted to hear her over and over.
what's another heartache o
home is where the hurt is o
family thing o
should know me o
covering all reba mcintire
covering all faith hill
covering all sugerland
covering all miranda lambert
covering all kelli pickler, carrie underwood,sarah evans. all top 40 country, male and female. as well as some pop and rock tunes. well rounded artist