Denise Young

Denise Young

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The music of DAY, Denise Young, is heard on Soundscapes TV, Sirius Spa73, XM Lifestyles Radio, and stations around the world in over 45 countries. It's instrumental (though some of the songs have serious lyric potential) and crosses all cultural and language barriers, reaching out to all hearts.


At the age of five, I was driven to carve my name in my piano in an attempt to keep the instrument during the separation of my parents. I hope to always hold on to it as a symbol of keeping my music dreams alive. The love for piano and music led me to a dream realized - working with Grammy Award Winner, Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill who produced my newest CD, “Something You Dream Of…”

Throughout her life as a songwriter, pianist, music therapist, and instructor, her passion and a bit of synchronicity has led her toward the right road. In January of 2006, she sent her demo CD to Will at Imaginary Road Studios, and received the answer that brought her dream closer into focus. Will became her producer, and for the months prior to the studio recording at Imaginary Road Studios in September 2006, Will provided guidance and inspiration for Denise, expanding her expression on her instrument, the piano. She is very grateful to say that Will and his guitar are beautifully present on track 3, Green Mountain Meadows, track 9, Why, and track 10, West River of the new CD. Other celebrated artists are Eugene Friesen, Grammy Award winning cellist, Jill Haley on English horn, Derrik Jordan, percussionist, Steve Schuch on violin, David Weiss on clarinet, Noah Wilding, vocalist, T-Bone Wolk on bass, and Imaginary Road’s Grammy Award winning engineer, Corin Nelsen.

“My mission is to move and delight the world with my music. Since music has a miraculous ability to express, it can be very healing; emotionally, physically, and spiritually, whether you are the listener, the musician, or the vessel of its creation."

I love to play venues, small and large - and some of my favorite places that I have performed include: Borders Books and Music, Live Radio, Charity events - "Food for the Hungry" and many churches, coffee houses, and parties...


Love Will Light Your Way

Written By: (in the works)

This song, along with several others would work successfully with lyrics too - any ideas?!

Autumn Colors

Written By: Denise Young

The voice on this track in lyrical, though without words.

Green Mountain Meadows

Written By: Denise Young

This is an instrumental track.


The most recent recording, "Something You Dream Of..." ranked #2 on NEW AGE REPORTER charts for June and July, and #3 for August, 2007 abd was recently recognized in 2008 as #3 on NEW AGE REPORTER for airplay in 2007!

The previous CD is entitled, Time Alone, is a 62 minute journey originally created for a spa or to create a soothing environment!

Set List

My Original Set List Includes:
Time Alone, Falling Leaves, Green Mountain Meadows, Something You Dream Of, Livia's Song, You Were Always There, I'll Smile, Love Will Light Your Way, Why, West River, Autumn Colors, Piano Forte, Dancing Horses, It's A Mystery and more...

Sets usually last about 45 minutes to an hour each.