Dennis Cambron

Dennis Cambron


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Zero Heroes

Written By: Dennis Cambron

I feel like I've had my share
Of those guys that are goin' nowhere
They'll jump your bones in nothin flat
Boys there's more to it than that
When they find out it's not gonna work
They become just another jerk

I think I'm gonna need a hero
Someone that can save the day
I'm up to here with these zeros
Who can't take the heat that comes our way
I wanna everyday hero
Whose not afraid to be brave
Someone to make my half feel whole
N face the world with everyday

What's this about, testosterone
Like its some kind of secret code
I don't think it's too much to ask
To keep your hormones in your pants
If there's some reason you can't wait
Better find yourself another date


You wanna fly high before you get airborne
You can't highjack this girl no more
N I don't care how hard you try
Callin' it a plane won't make it fly