Dennis Dupuis

Dennis Dupuis


I'm writing hit songs now, and I want to thank ISC for giving me the opportunity to get worldwide attention. 12 Step Program of Love is grabbing people in the right place (their heart), and it's really exciting!


Guinness World Record Holder, and overachiever,
Dennis Dupuis contantly pushes himself to the next
level, and great songwriting is what he's focusing on doing now.


His Country Hit "Propsition 2 1/2" sold out in just a few days, and was in regular rotation on some of the biggest and best Country stations in America.

Dennis is now hoping that Alan Jackson will hear
his latest song 12 Step Program of Love, and take it to # 1 on the Country charts!

Set List

I like Merle, Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, and the
rest of the legends ... man, I just love 'em!