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"Dennis Hitchcox Willamette Week Review"

“Hitchcox’s sleepy bittersweet folk songs evoke a textured sound that’s influence by the man’s training with jazz guitarists, while his lyrics depict castaways now well-schooled in the error of their ways.”
Kim Colton, Willamette Week - Willamette Week

"The Disc is a Wall of Art"

Since receiving this disc over a month ago, I find myself singing or humming the tunes in my head. That's the flow of most of 'After All', the second release from Dennis Hitchcox. The disc is a wall of art, from the foot stomping whisper of 'Empire', to the psychedelic hum of 'Subterranean Majestic', and onto the Simon & Garfunkel feel of 'Destination Eternity'. One song after another proves both brilliantly written and arranged. An accomplished musician, Dennis has a light in his corner and is assuring himself longevity with 'After All'. - Monk

"Dennis Hitchcox MLP Album Review"

Most often, a singer/songwriter will write a song, and then bring in other instruments during the recording session to add some depth. This method has its pros and cons. There is more to listen to, but sometimes the parts dangle and don't seem to have any purpose beyond just being there. It seems Hitchcox had this in mind while recording this album. Each song is comprised of one vocal track, and no more than two guitar parts, usually just the chords and a simple solo. The bad news is that every song ends up sounding pretty much like every other song. The good news is that every song is really quite good. The guitar playing is superb and delicate. Dennis has one of those earthy kind of voices that feels vaguely familiar and living room comfortable. The songs sound like an up-beat version of Greg Brown, the early years. They're bluesy at times, ballad at others, and can switch back and forth without any creases, even within the same song. (Track 5, Give In is a good example.)
This album is a really great disk to pop in for some mellow company on a weekday, or at the end of a long party. It's mellow without being sleepy, though I'm sure it would be a fine record to drift off to." - David Also Music Liberation Project: Volume 1: i7 October 2003
- Music Liberation Project


Dennis Hitchcox - self titled (2003)
Dennis Hitchcox - After All (2005)
Hunter Paye - Divided by Land, Divided By Sea (2007, co-produced and performed)
The H Duo (2007, jazz guitar duo)



My background is mostly rock-oriented, but I studied jazz composition at Ohio State University writing for 5 to 20-piece jazz ensembles, and eventually winning the Ruth Friscoe Prize for Best Jazz Composition in 2000.
My pieces have been played by many musicians including Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Dave Powers, the Raining, and the H Duo.
I compose instrumental music for film, TV and adverts on the side. These instrumental recordings range from gypsy jazz to techno, and have been used in videos in Portland, San Fransisco and New York.
My solo songwriting efforts include songs about love, war, his bike, and insects to name a few. My passion for nature and our fragile planet results in many songs about season cycles, ecosystems and life patterns.
My collaborations with bands such as Folkrum and the Raining have helped shape my current songwriting. My main outlet for jazz is the H Duo, but my cross-over style fits the rock idiom of Steely Dan and the echoes of Elliott Smith.