Dennis Hitchcox

Dennis Hitchcox


Thanks for stopping by. I have an extensive background in composition, writing in cross-genres of jazz, blues, rock, electronic and others. My music is available to license for film, Television, etc.


My background is mostly rock-oriented, but I studied jazz composition at Ohio State University writing for 5 to 20-piece jazz ensembles, and eventually winning the Ruth Friscoe Prize for Best Jazz Composition in 2000.
My pieces have been played by many musicians including Vaughn Wiester's Famous Jazz Orchestra, Dave Powers, the Raining, and the H Duo.
I compose instrumental music for film, TV and adverts on the side. These instrumental recordings range from gypsy jazz to techno, and have been used in videos in Portland, San Fransisco and New York.
My solo songwriting efforts include songs about love, war, his bike, and insects to name a few. My passion for nature and our fragile planet results in many songs about season cycles, ecosystems and life patterns.
My collaborations with bands such as Folkrum and the Raining have helped shape my current songwriting. My main outlet for jazz is the H Duo, but my cross-over style fits the rock idiom of Steely Dan and the echoes of Elliott Smith.


Dennis Hitchcox - self titled (2003)
Dennis Hitchcox - After All (2005)
Hunter Paye - Divided by Land, Divided By Sea (2007, co-produced and performed)
The H Duo (2007, jazz guitar duo)

Set List

Vertical Forever
All This Rain
In the Whole
Give In
By the Way
Su Now
Only Again
Keeping Time
Seasons End
Fearless Leader
All Your Goodbyes
Destination Eternity
Even Tonight
Fair Warning
Sweet Refrain
Cat Song
You Remind Me
After All
The Fight Song
Difference of the Sum
Sun Block
What It Was
Fool's Gold
Two Birds

Cover Songs: Alison (Elvis Costello), Real Love (John Lennon), Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)