Dennis ODonnell

Dennis ODonnell

 Austin, Texas, USA

I aint got a band. I'm a songwriter.


I've written all kinds of music. I wrote the score for the Academy-Award winning docu-drama entitled "The Matador" (narrated by Ricardo Montalban). I wrote the radio musical/drama (script, lyrics and music) for the internationally-broadcast musical entitled "The Passover". I wrote the musical "Tale of a Grey City", an allegorical tale, performed entirely to music. I've written a number of songs that have appeared as "album cuts", and probably my biggest credit is that I've written hundreds of individual tunes, some of which have been rejected by some of the most prestigious publishing companies in the US.


What She's Got That I Ain't Got

Written By: Dennis O'Donnell

Late last night, I laid down and closed my eyes,
and I found myself beside that soft green spot
where you and I had our own little paradise,
then I woke to what was real, and what was not,
wondering What She's Got That I Ain't Got?

Is she prettier, is it something in her smile,
or a different kind of love in her heart?
Will she walk with you, will she go that second mile?
Does she believe in you you no matter what?
Tell me What She's Got That I Ain't Got.

I guess I'll always feel the pain
I'll always wonder why you broke my heart
I know my life will never be the same,
now that you are What She's Got That I Ain't Got

She don't know that you've done this all before,
I was just the next in line for a broken heart...
But it won't take long, she'll see just what you are,
in time she's gonna know without a doubt,
just What She's Got that I Ain't Got.

I guess she'll always feel the pain.
She'll always wonder if you'll break her heart.
I know her life will never be the same,
now that you are What She's Got That I Ain't Got

Thank God, you're What Shes' Got That I Ain't Got.

copyright (C) 2010, Plastic Wrap Music, BMI


I myself have never released a single, EP, or LP. Again, I'm a songwriter, not a performer.

Set List

my set list is very short. If anybody can even get me to perform in public, it is always one tune, and one tune only: Happy Birthday