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Out of Control

Written By: Dennis Reed, Jr.

There is a change happening in me
let's go to the harmony

There is a change happening in me
He loosed my shackles and he set me free
I once was blind but now I see
There is a change happening


I am a Christian that's out of control
I'll praise the Lord where I go
I'm dangerous and I want you to know
There is a change happening


Since I have met the Saviour
I'm no longer the same
Since Jesus came
He changed my name
There are no more chains

Oh, Oh
I'm dangerous, I am out of control
and I want you to know

There is a change happening!

No Way

Written By: Dennis Reed, Jr

Like a ship tossed and driven
battered by an angry see
When the storms of life begin to rage
and my fears come upon me
I look up to the sky
and sometimes wonder why
Why does life seem so hard
Then I hear a voice,
Voice from heaven say
You're not on your own
Let Me lead the way

No way that I can make it
No way that I can make it without you, I would be nothing
No way that I can make it

You might be just like me
trying to make it own your own
but very soon you'll see
You won't succeed
You need a Saviour to still your heart and hold your hand
He knows your probally
alone understands


I've seen the lightening flash
Heard the thunder roll
Lived the worldly life
oh, I've been down that road
But that life's not for me
So tired of the misery
I want to live for you
I want to live through you


Holy Spirit

Written By: Dennis Reed, Jr.

Holyspirit please fall down
We need your anointing that destroys the yoke
We need presence that shackles will be broken
We need your spirit to take control
Holy Spirit fall on me

Holy spirit take control
Holy spirit make me whole

Holy spirit (repeat)


Fall on me