dennis vasilevsky

dennis vasilevsky

 Moscow, Moscow, RUS


Dennis Vasilevsky was born on 1th september 1980 in Svirsk, the USSR.
He first saw the drums played live at the age of 9 and experienced irresistible desire to play the drums. However, it was not until he was 11 years old when he actually received an opportunity to play the instrument in Children's Band. Since then his life has been dedicated to drum playing. The Band conductors helped him to gain access to specialized educational material (printed and video materials on drum playing) and provided him with an opportunity to practice for several hours every day.
The records by Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Smith have greatly affected Dennis Vasilevsky’s development as a drum player as well as his creative thinking.

From 1999 to 2008 Dennis Vasilevsky had played in the following bands:
Big-Band orchestra of Zabaikalye Sergey Gusyatinsky's St.Petersburg Big-Band “Krome “ band
“Che” band
“Mlad I Star” band
“Pakava-it” band
Furthermore, during this period he had also performed solo in various festivals.
In June of 2007 Dennis has moved to Moscow. Today, he plays for the following bands:
Gosha Kutzenko Band
Strong Way
Drummer duet Vadim Shubin – Denis Vasilevsky

Set List

DRUM (Yamaha recording custom or Pearl MMX)
- 1 BASS DRUM 22’’
- 1 SNARE DRUM 14x4,5’’ (yamaha oak or maple ) + stand
- 1 TOM medium 12” or 13’’, 1 tom 13 or 14, 1 floor tom 15 or 16
- 1 HI HAT STAND + hihat Zydjian 13’’
- 1 RIDE Cymbal 22’ Zydjian K series
- 1 CRASH Cymbal 18’’ Zydjian
- 1 SPLASH Cymbal 8’’ Paiste
- 1 CHINA Cymbal 10’’ Paiste

- 1 Floor carpet 3m x 2m