Dennis Warner

Dennis Warner


* Kennedy Center * NPR Radio * Television * Musician & Author * Uptempo, Humorous + Thought Provoking


Eight albums and a whole lot of concerts later, Folk/Americana singer and songwriter
Dennis Warner is recognized for his crafty wit, skillful musicianship and the special ability
of captivating an audience. His unique blend of music and humor continually brings him
to well over 100 cities each year.

Accompanying his smooth vocals with his six and twelve string guitars, Dennis has
performed his adult/family oriented concerts at not only major theaters, clubs and some of
the best festivals around, but also in the small towns throughout America, drawing
inspiration for songs that appeal to the universal aspects of our lives.

His many credits include hosting "Jammin’ with Dennis Warner", a special live radio
show broadcast by National Public Radio affiliates. Dennis has also been featured on
numerous regional T.V. and radio programs, as well as national broadcasts of NPR’s
"Great Acoustics, Live!" and "River City Folk".

As a songwriter, Warner's biggest honor was being invited to give a concert at the Kennedy
Center in Washington D.C. He’s also a three time “New Folk” finalist for songwriting at
the internationally acclaimed Kerrville Folk Fest and has appeared many times at Nashville’s
famed writer’s club, the Bluebird Cafe.

During the summer of 2004, one of Warner’s songs, "Beads on One String", evolved into
a children’s picture book. As educators began using the book in their classrooms, "The Beads
On One String Project"™ was born as a meaningful and fun way to teach kids about the
negative effects of bullying and the positive effects of recognizing our “connectedness” in
the world. Proving to be popular and timely, the book is already in its fourth

From his home in Minnesota, Dennis Warner has traveled through every U.S. state during
his twenty plus year career. Vocalist Prudence Johnson and instrumentalists Peter
Ostroushko and George Maurer are among the many talented musicians who have
recorded with Dennis.

On and off the stage, Dennis is one of the most personable performers
you will encounter. Thoroughly professional, he not only looks out for the needs of the
audience, but is a great friend to the presenter as well.


Northern Lights

Written By: Dennis Warner

I got up to watch a movie
In the middle of the night
Not a Hollywood adventure
Or an old time black and white
But a genuine love story
Of the journey where we’ve been
Through the eyes of one who’s with us ‘til the end

Watching the Northern Lights
Out on this peaceful night
I feel alive - I feel so alive

Watching this show for free
You being here with me
Feels so right
Watching the Northern Lights

From this hillside where I’m standing
A thousand years ago
Did someone sing the praises
Of this silent picture show
Did they give appreciation
As the Aurora took it’s bow
Like I’m doing here right now

* (chorus) *

And a thousand years from now
From this same spot where I stand
Will someone be here smiling
Looking up from the land
One thing we can count on
Long after we're gone
The show's gonna go on and on

* (chorus) *


2007 - Dennis Warner "Live! Volume 2"
2005 - Dennis Warner "Live! Volume 1"
2004 - "Beads on One String" children's book
2001 - Journey of the Soul
1998 - My World
1996 - A Perfect Morning
1995 - Anything Like You
1992 - I Need You To Be There
1987 - Debut

Set List

No specific set list. Most of the music is original, though DW also performs songs
written by friends and colleagues. Sets typically run 45 minutes and include a mixture of
uptempo, comedy and serious songs.