Denny Brooms

Denny Brooms


straight ahead americana with acoustic influences.

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Unreliable Me

Written By: Denny Brooms

I messed up and I know it, I'm the biggest fool of all the fools I know
I wear it like a badge sometimes
still I'm afraid it's gonna show
It's not a look I get of a feeling
It's just the way I tend to be
and I'd give anything to be different
unreliable me

But she won't let me be ashamed
she loves me just the way I am
and when she holds me in her arms
she holds me in the palm of her hand
when she looks into my eyes
she sees something you can't see
something to believe in
unreliable me

She walks in and I'm on my knees somewhere between a prayer and a cry
Heaven knows she loves her man
I just can't imagine why
most women would be gone by now
or longing to be free
But she won't leave her man no matter how I fail
unreliable me


repeat chorus with revision:
she won't let me be ashamed
she loves me just the way I am
when I hold her in my arms
I'm finally part of a much bigger plan
when I look into her eyes
I see something you can't see
reflected there forever
unreliable me