Denny Earnest

Denny Earnest


Multi Instrument-list Dobro, slide, slack Key, Has had Hundreds of placements worlwide, several movies...


Denny Earnest is a multi-faceted individual who is a strong personable singer, a fine Lead guitarist and bassist, and a very skilled songwriter. Earnest, who lives in Bozeman, Montana, gigs with his band Denny & The Resonators, writes music for films, television and studio work, repairs guitars, and gives music lessons. Along the way he has recorded several albums that cover Western Swing, Americana and lowdown blues.



Written By: Denny earnest

Destiny (c) Denny Earnest 2010

Sometimes things are just meant to be
Your love's inescapable
I'm beginning to see

No matter how the cards are dealt
You keep coming up my queen
Is it by design, or in the fortunes I read

Destiny, Destiny
thats the way the chips fall...Destiny

Call it fate or fortune
Or the luck of the draw
You're my fortune, I know that you are

No matter what we do
We can't fail
No matter how the coins are tossed
it keeps coming up tails

Destiny, Destiny
thats the way the chips fall...Destiny

On a road bound for no where that we know
I've seen our future, there's one thing I know
We are destined to be, its you I need
Forever by my side never to leave

Destiny, Destiny
thats the way the chips fall...Destiny


10 Cd's available on iTunes Most are with Abaco Records UK, a lot of inst's Blues check out "Wishbone", or Delta Blues

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