Denny Wheatley

Denny Wheatley

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Lovin', leavin', drinkin' songs (and 1 for Mom). Country/Americana/Blues based original music.

I'm also available for solo singer/song writer gigs and with an occasional back up singer, guitar player


Born in Louisville, KY. on Derby Day, I've written a little earlier in life, however, I've only been performing the last ten years or so. Several friends who are musicians in the Louisville, KY area heard some of my songs and encouraged me to put them in front of others.
Early influences include traditional country artists such as Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, Sr. (of course) and Jimmy Rogers. In the '70's, while living in Texas, I became interested in Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, Kris Kristoferson and many other Texas musicians. This led me to learning more about writers such as Townes VanZant, Guy Clark, John Prine and a host of others!
Writing and performing has afforded me the opportunity to meet many very talented and supportive people. One highlight so far was to get the opportunity to return to Austin and perform at a gathering of Mickey Newbury's family and friends from all over the world. I have played my songs for people all around the country to very favorable revues and some of my songs have been played on FM radio locally and in countries around the world, including Australia and the Netherlands.
My first CD titled "Blame it on the Whiskey" is available on line at "CD Baby" and locally at "Ear-X-stacy" and several live music venues. All of the songs are mine and all of the musicians are from the Louisville area. I am currently performing, both regionally and nationally, at festivals and songwriter showcase type events with some band gigs thrown in from time to time.


If It Weren't for You

Written By: Dennis S. Wheatley

“If It Weren't For You”
C 2001 - Dennis S. Wheatley – (502)937-1420

Vs.1: (Strum slowly)
It seems you have a need, every now and then
To remind me how I'd 've wound up and how things might've been.
C C7 F
You never get tired of lettin' me know 'bout all those things you do,
Or askin' me that same old question.
“Where'd I be if it weren't for you?” …… Well,

Chorus: w/ Carribean beat

How 'bout Barbados, or down in them Virgin Isles?
How 'bout Martinique, on the beach wearin' nothin' but a smile?
How 'bout St. Thomas or maybe down in old Cancun?
That's where I'd be, If it weren't for you!
How 'bout Aruba, sailin' on a summer breeze?
How 'bout St Bart's, or down in them Florida Keys?
Layin' back on a beach, havin' myself a brew that's where I'd be,
If it weren't for you!

(instrmtl. Break – chorus run 2X) “C, F, C, F, G, C ”


If you really gotta know, I think I could get by
Hangin' out on a beach under a clear blue sky.
C C7 F
Aww, I'd prob'ly miss you but if you gotta know the truth,
But All the while I'd be surpressin' a smile thinkin' where I was without

Repeat chorus: (play out in chorus run) “That's where I'd be!”


"Blame it on the Whiskey"
12 original songs
(several songs are in my audio file)

Have had air play on local A.M. & F.M. radio and several F.M. stations across the country and abroad.

(some video on the MySpace site)

Set List

1 to 4 hours of original songs and cover tunes by artists/writers such as John Prine, Johnny Cash, Townes VanZant, and other writers that have written some great songs.

We mix in my songs and include "covers" that people enjoy and are familiar with. These include rock, pop, country and americana tunes and vary according to the crowd/venue.
We do one to four 45 minute sets. (or more)
45 minutes to one hour shows are mostly originals.

Solo Song List:


Blame it on the whiskey
Bottom of a Bottle
Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow
Who’ll pick up the Pieces
Now You’re Gone
Far, Far Away
Flood or ’97
Come on over Baby
What in the World
Me & Rose