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Marietta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Marietta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"esko at push 2.0 press conference"

Out of the cool hash bowls of North Carolina comes the most thrilling artist of tremendous expectation, named Esko. By a way that carries so much weight expectations of this artist is destined for beyond greatness.
With the release of his undeniable classic “The seed” has spread across this great nation like a plague.
From the Slums of the Dirty South to the Suburbs of the Hamptons, Esko has done more than prove himself to this industry through his talent and his unbelievable worth ethic. This is an artist like no other. It has been more than 20 years since this industry has come across a press play CD. And by press play what we mean is you are able to put it in, press play and let it ride.
Now this is not an artist that you get the same cookie cutter watered down filtered image that the industry provides you with now. This is something different. And by different we mean a vigorous approach a fresh start with something new, that will build quality listening value.
At the Push 2.0 Press Conference this past January 2013, this artist did more than surpass the qualifications that are necessary for a prominent project to work. He received a high ranking score from Mizey Entertainment and ATL’s Hottest Entertainment Awards. As well as a nomination for the best new hip hop artist. Esko has gone beyond breaking ground and etching himself in this industry called music.
Being the younger cousin of the Hip Hop Legends Lords of the Underground, he strengthen the most talented blood line by giving no less then sheer perfection, dedication and a full understanding that Esko is not just a name but it is the brand to the vitality of the future of his life’s work.
With in his last interview done by Hood Land Films, this young artist has surpass his predecessors in the most honorable way, with showing respect to the legends and showing admiration and understanding to those artist in the present. And not negating or taking away from who he is as an artist and only implementing him-self in things that will show him in a positive like to the masses
His flow is like no other at least on this planet. But duly noted if you ever x4 need a bowl for mixing you will remember Esko Robertson a master of recipes of punch lines metaphors and lyrical delivery. Prepare to see the world through a refreshing eye of music that you actually want to listen to not have to listen to because that is all that they are playing.
Twitter: @EskoBTS
- hoodland films


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