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Den Of The Flow

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Formed in 1986..This Hip Hop group is bringing Hip Hop back to it's golden age..Classic 1990's era hip hop. New Banging beats with an old school touch. Taking you back to a time when the lyrics were deep, the shows were live, and the music was just that, MUSIC.


The Den was formed in Southern California in 1986 by two brothers, Brian(loops) and Scott(smivee) Valencia. In the early 90's the group (consisting of 5 members) recorded two full length albums and toured all over the Western United States. Opening up for major 90’s headliners like The Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill and Naughty By Nature. They recorded soundtracks for TransWorld Snowboarding Videos and recorded Cameos with popular California rock acts like Snot and Creature Feature. At the end of the decade the group disbanded and went their separate ways to pursue other careers. Their careers eventually spread them out across different parts of the U.S. Then in 2005 a Salt Lake City 1200 hobos producer, Briskone, was putting together a compilation album and sought out the Den for a reunion track. This album brought two members of the group back together. Que and Smiv recorded their first track together in 10 years. It was aptly titled “10 Years Ago” The sond drew solid reviews and quickly became the most popular underground track in Salt Lake City. Once again the den was in business. They continued working with Brisk. Now in 2008 the band has completed its first full length project in 12 years. They are proud to announce their Netweight Records release titled, "Mid-Life Crisis" The group has been performing in Salt Lake City, New Jersey/NYC, The Pacific Northwest, and California. Welcome Back to the Den.


1989- Oh No Its The demo "Open up Your Mind"
Received airplay in Southern California and Utah. Picking up enough popularity that it was voted "best new HipHop/Rap song fo th Year" by the Santa Barbara News Press. This album gained the group articles in the LA Press. as well as 14 articles in underground Hip Hop magazines accross the country.

This Album also put the Den on The Pesi Hip Hop Fest TOUR of 1991.

This album had a song called F&*$ what Ya heard, with the California based CREATURE FEATURE, that received airplay throughout Southern California. 4 tracks off this album were bought for Snowboarding videos sold worldwide.

2008- MID-LIFE CRISIS netweight Records.
This album is 16 tracks of Pure HIP HOP. Featuring Production by Brisk One, DAO, SkinWalker. It has cameos by Amad Jamal, Karim (BOOM BAP PROJECT) Concise Kilgore, ADVERSE, and Emcee ENEEONE.
1. Used 2
2.Skit Record executive Feat. Adverse
3.The Letter
4.WHy? Feat. Amad Jamal
5.No Vacancy
6.Whimper Feat ADVERSE
7.Cuss Words Feat Karim
8.10 years
9.Don't Call Skit
10.happy Fathers Day
11. Moulin Rude
12.The Way We see It Feat. Eneeone
14.Get Down Feat. Concise Kilgore
15.Remember Feat Eneeone

Set List

Average sets are about 20 minutes long. Hip Hop entertainment with an old school flair and feel. Crowd interaction and participation is our strength. We never stay to long and always leave the crowd wanting more. The set list varies based on show and venue but some of the crowd favorites include.

Used To
The Letter