A Led Zeppelin just crashed into Elton John's Vampire weekend


Listening to DEN is like getting hit by a grand piano filled with sprinkled donut holes then scraped off the pavement by your grandmother’s pet raccoon. Spinning a dark comedy of controlled chaos in a hard candy carapace, the group exploded from a shell of isolation and experimentation in early 2008 with an EP release, shows in LA and NYC and a national tour in the fall. Wasting no time, these troubadours slipped into seclusion in the outskirts of Austin, TX to begin recording what will be their much anticipated debut LP for 2009, “Hence The Boats”.

Any expectation for the sound of the classic drums, bass, guitars, and piano quintet could no sooner be crushed and delivered in such a cohesive way as this group. Drawing from an array of classic rock and jazz influences and dabbling in fluctuating time signatures and vocal harmonies, comparisons made to Stephen Malkmus, Of Montreal, Pavement, and early Phil Collins seem to fluctuate dependent on the experience of the individual listener. The average attendee at any of the handful of sold out LA shows late 2007 and early 2008 would probably tell you 'Rock' while another might add '…with no socks on'.

Converging in Los Angeles in 2007, DEN was an escape and a side project for Dallas transplants, Andres Arazoza and Andrew Thomas, and native Connor Marks. Marks and Thomas were founders of an alternative pop act sparking label interest and Arazoza was very much caught up in the world of film. A lack of goals, expectations, and pressure allowed for a burst of creative ingenuity spawned by individual desire for challenge and pure love for music. A random decision early on resulted in each and every session being recorded to analog tape. Jams would last for hours and each and every second was accounted for; in review, magic was uncovered in the moment. The power of that single moment was dissected, pursued, and developed in a ramshackle 1960's wooden farmhouse on the central coast, which resulted in the homespun recordings that would become DEN's debut EP release. This EP contains the grit of raw unbridled emotion captured in true Indie style; listening to the album is as if you are there, with raw performance giving way to heavenly strings and lyrics to confuse the lazy and reward the explorer.


A Song

Written By: DEN

Hello, ancient grind.
Hello, arid wine.
What a capsize!
Aquatic concubine!

If you come around running your mouth into mine well i might just call you home.

Ample carbon lies
With saggy aging eyes.
An allegorical device
for humans not alive.

If you come around running my mind in the ground, well i might've beat you there.

So if you come around running your mouth into mine please exercise great care.


Written By: DEN

A dollar bill, oh, what a thrill, steppin' up like a prince to the bucket where I spill.
I shake my bun, it parts me from the sea of greedy garlic loving lovers just like me.
And I won't not rectify, in a spit-fire I'd pickle my eyes just to show you that I know you and I'd fall apart for that.
With a gold-high ponytail you're tickling me irreverently.
Am I chasing this reverie?
Stuff me, Gohar, please?

Father War

Written By: DEN

I will love you when the war is over.
But I will kill until it is done.
I'm 18 now the war is my father.
And I'll love him until it is won.

There's nothing hotter than the trenches, they're my only friend when I hit the floor.
You say you want to see the world, son, this is no vacation, this is war.

I take mercy on children and mothers.
Wish I could say the same for my friends.
I remember when I shot my brother,
Died in my arms, that was the end.

There's nothing hotter than the trenches, they're my only friend when I hit the floor.
You say you want to see the world, son, this is no vacation, this is war.


"Caddywhompus EP" - April 15, 2008
"Hence The Boats" - TBR 2009
"A Song" - Single; airplay on KLSU in Baton Rouge, LA

Set List

SET LIST (generally range from 45 min. to 1.5 hours):
A Song
Commonwealth Girl
Father War
Six Billion Minds
Eastside Disguise
Subtle Camo Bee

Elvis Costello - "Pump it Up"
David Bowie - "Moonage Daydream"
ELO - "Showdown"
Frank Zappa - "Peaches en Regalia"
Radiohead - "Paranoid Android"