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Santiago, Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Santiago, Chile
Metal Post-metal


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"Denun - Toluken (2005)"

Band: Denun
Duration: 57:27 Minutes
Seal: Independent
Style: Doom/Gothic Metal
Released date : 15 of September of the 2006

In Chile few are the bands that have tried to experiment within Doom Metal with female singers, although this style along with Gothic Metal, have much success in Europe at the moment. In our country properly so, the few bands of the style, are counted on the fingers, and the majority are only tributes, a pity at the time of looking for originality within national music.
It is by just like when Denun´s album arrived at my hands, I received it with pleasure and knew clearly that it would bring great surprises to me, since material of this type of bands is not much, but in general it is very good. And this was not the exception because Toluken, name that gives title to the first LP of this band from Santiago, is a jewel from feet to head for the lovers and followers of this style. You can notice a greater work within the technical part of the album, notices an improvement with respect to the Demo, speaking of sound. In the musical part, if you listened to the Demo you will be able to be made an idea of what the music of Denun offers to us is a Melodic Doom Metal/Rock, with clear influences and sounds near bands like The Gathering, Chalice, and to inclusively would venture me to say that in some aspects with sounds that resemble which it is the first work of Within Temptation, "Enter", I clarify sometimes that in the instrumental part, since in which it is the subject of voices, the timbre of Paula Vilches, is enough individual, very pleasant, mysterious, acute, but without getting to be annoying, on the contrary. SHe has his own style and that valora.El work of Denun in this LP, emphasizes without a doubt a value by the national, starting off from the name of the grouping that has origin mapuche. The disc in its totality is in Spanish, reason why its music of one either another form is to us the more near, besides to treat subjects that sometimes we perhaps did not prune to hope of a band that practices Doom/Gothic and if more than a Folk band, like thematic about the Earth and the our roots.

The disc can sin sometimes of being repetitive, since between a subject and another one, there are no great differences in which it is the musical part, many songs follow a structure similar and this same one can play in against in many cases, in special for which they are less adept to this estilo.Así and everything, Toluken demonstrates to be a directed work more towards which it is the most emotional part, all that passion that always we related to the Feeling, more than with the technician, without a doubt and thanks to the great vocal work of Paula, that is brilliant at all moment and that will touch to more of some with melodiosa his voice between all the tonadas ones of which we will be witnesses in Toluken.
Toluken is a complete work, an album that fulfills its objective, and that innovates within this Chilean national scene, since Denun takes a way in which it is left much to explore in this narrow earth strip that is Chile, a style that not very often is seen by these sides, that mixes the value by the national and the own roots and that a little leaves the most traditional Doom, to experiment with melodiosos and more pleasant sounds, without a doubt a jewel that deserves to be listened to and that contributes to a fresh style to the national scene of our Mother Earth.

1. Madre Eterna
2. Yanneshejh
3. Asterión
4. Deumadenun
5. Desolación Austral
6. Correr Otra Vez
7. Desaparecer
8. Interludio
9. Se Desvanece
10. La Condición Del Sueño
11. Salema

Very good
Nicolas Perez G.
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Still working on that hot first release.



Denun is a rock/metal band with melodic female vocals. The band has recorded a demo called "Denun" (2004), an album entitled "Toluken" (2005) and a single named "Distant Memories"(2009). Denun has been included in two metal compilations: "From The Land That God Forgot" (2006) published by Dark Forum Metal and "Bandas Nacionales I" (2008) created by the website Bandas Nacionales. The band has won 2 radio contests "Desorbitados" (2005), NON (2008) from Tierra Radio, and "El Living" band contest (2005) from Cine Arte Alameda. In 2009 the band was nominated in the "Female Metal Awards 2009" and got third place by people´s choice.