Denver is a poetic genius with a unique guitar style that crosses the traditional boundaries. His music ranges from a pure folk style to the edgy sounds of alternative rock. Denver has been inspired by the music of Green Day, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Led Zepplin, Tool, and The Beatles.


Denver began his career at a very early age. Having grown up in a family of musicians Denver had the opportunity to master several different instruments; guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Denver discovered the bass when he was 12 and within a year was playing with the band Blazing Country. Denver took his place as full time bass guitarist in 1996 and has been playing ever since, touring the fair and club circuit.

Denver is now in his twenties and has become a sensational entertainer. Whether playing lead guitar, bass, drums, singing covers of his favorite singer-songwriters or performing his own original material Denver is most at home when he is in front of an audience.

Denver developed a taste for alternative music as a teenager, which lead him to song writing. Denver is a serious musician who plays and writes daily. He has studio recording experience which includes recording in the Back Door Recording Studio in Nashville, TN.

Denver recently produced and recorded 12 original tracks on a cd he titled:
Soul Speaker Live from the Fields


Slave Girl

Written By: Denver Lybarger

you we're my sunshine on a cloudy day.
you we're the white clouds when all the other clouds we're grey.
you gave me smiles when others frowned on me.
you gave me hope when everyone says you won't succeed.

on lonely nights you came to comfort
and those we're the nights that your
screamed with agony.
your roses wilt each passing day, though your intentions show me now what i safely say.

white lace, black leather these are the things i remember about you we're my slave girl.
repeat til the end.

thats what I fear

Written By: Denver Lybarger

I'm losin my mind, just trying to find some reason to keep on movin.
everything is corrupt in my mind cause it hurts to be 21 and reachin.
try to live my life clean try to conquer that dream, but ever seems to be moving. yeah I know i'll be here for another 10 years, but is it worth the effort?
well thats what I feared.
thats what I feared

I change my mind everyday should I go? should I stay? those questions haunt my good intentions.
I'm losin faith in myself, I've shamed the one's that still count. I lost the trust I thought enslaved me.
no this won't be repaired,allow them to be spared. so was it worth the effort? that's what I feared.
that what I feared.

But sunny days will shine tomorrow.
they'll dry the showers that grey skies have caused,and who knows how long I'll wait for tomorrow?
to take back all I feared, would be the death of me.


Soul Speaker, Live from the Fields

Set List

Originals by Denver Lybarger

Songs in the collection called; Soul Speaker, Live from the Fields:
Slave Girl
Next September
Damn the Man
That’s What I Fear
She Thinks It’s the Whiskey
Don’t Take Her Down
Guess It’s Goodbye
Luck Of the Irish

Newly Recorded Originals by Denver Lybarger :
Justice For Us All
The Leaving Song
One More Night

Covers: Just a taste;
Horizon has Been Defeated - Jack Johnson
Walk Away - Ben Harper
Burn One Down - Ben Harper
Crash - Dave Matthews Band
Boys in the Hood - Dynamite Hack
Last Dance - Tom Petty
You Don’t Know How It Feels - Tom Petty
Free Fallin’ - Tom Petty
Here - Foo Fighters
Everlong - Foo Fighters
Lucy in the Sky - Beatles
Something - Beatles
Black Bird - Beatles
Patience - Guns and Roses
The Weight - The Band
Down on the Corner - CCR
The Joker - Steve Miller Band
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
4 a.m.- Our Lady Peace
Wonderwall - Oasis
Simple Ma