Denver, Colorado, USA

We are a high energy group of musicians with a very wide variety of musical influences which breedes an ever changing library of song types depending whose idea sparks the writing process on that particular song.


Tee Jay Krell founded Animus in 2006 seeking out musicians that shared his interest of a unique brand of hard rock and metal. Over the years there have been a few lineup changes and the inclusion of piano to make animus what it is today. We are based out of Denver, Colorado and have performed all over the state and hope to soon extend our reach nationwide. There are thousands of talented local Colorado bands that are hard stricken and devoted to the genre of music that they play, Animus is not. We make it our goal to diversify the music we write from one song to the next in keeping our audience endlessly on their toes. The music on the included demo demonstrates our wide range of style and influence that sets Animus apart from the thousands of local hard rock and metal bands of Colorado. Some of the well-known venues we regularly play include The Bluebird Theater, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, and The Gothic Theater, where we have opened for national touring bands including psychostick and silent civilian. Animus has been featured on several internet radio stations as well as Denver’s most popular rock station 106.7 KBPI.


Remnants of a Soul - 2007

Lost (In)Sanity
Numbing Reality

Surrender - 2010

Bury Me Alive
Multiple Sclerosis

Streaming & Internet Radio coming soon.