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"A Music Review"

In the sonic ambient or spacemusic category one of my favorite
artists is Deosil. His compositions are mellow, trancing, and
meditative, with an ever-shifting complexity which is quite
satisfying to the attentive ear, the connoisseur of astral melodies.
From beginning to end are captivating electronic and acoustic
variations. You will encounter sampled instruments, nature sounds,
Spanish guitars, piano, Buddhist chant as well as Gregorian
Plainchant, which, along with soaring keyboards, will transport you
into a sacred soundscape "Beyond This Plane of Existence", with
compositions such as "The Ethereal Plane", "True
Self", "Transfiguration", and "Gazing Out From The Start Of
Possibility". There are also computer aided synth sounds and mystical
dimensions explored on the newest release from Deosil: "Automatic
Music". According to Deosil's page at the title of the
new album: "is based on the concept of automatic writing which means
to write or create based on divine intervention -- channeling, if you
will." This too is music for the Inward Journey, reflection, healing
and transformation, very spiritual with themes
like "Discovery", "Star's Journey", "Drifting Inward", and "Solar
- James Bean, Spiritual Awakening Radio


Beyond This Plane Of Existence (ORM001) - 2005
Automatic Music (ORM002) - 2006
A Time Of Change (ORM003) - 2006
Lucid Dreaming (ORM004) - 2007
Poetry (ORM005) - 2007

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With music ranging from ambient to bass driven grooves, Deosil is rapidly emerging as one of Electronica's best kept secrets. Citing such influences as Bill Leeb from Delerium and Michael Cretu from Enigma, his journey of writing sonic ambience has spread to a world wide audience in only a very short time. Being featured on several mp3 based websites, with more than 1000 downloads a week, Deosil has garnered accolades and praise from listeners and reviewers and has been asked to be hosted on a highly rated New Age website based out of Denmark, Spiritual Awakening Radio based out of Portland, Maine, and featured on several European CD ambient compilations.

However this steadfast determination to create another worldly experience began much more humbly and not so well noticed. About 15 years ago, armed with only a small sequencer, keyboard, and tape deck, Dylan (as his friends know him) started to record basic melodies and not really think much about it. Most of the songs were classical arrangements that really didn't have much substance. However, as the years went on MIDI instruments and recording capabilities became easier to acquire. It wasn't until 1998 that things began to change. Studying classical music and going for a Masters Degree in piano performance was the building block for his musical development. 2000 was the final year of his studies and during that time he learned about digital recording, editing, and audio engineering. It was only natural that the knowledge of MIDI and audio recording would lend itself to a more polished sound to all of his works.

Several years later, including an underground success as a local North Carolina trance DJ, he decided to devote his full attention to recording. Last year saw the development of his music into a full scale, full production recording process. In 2005 with more and more audio mastering programs, MIDI editing, VST instruments, audio samplers, loop based sequencers, etc. at his disposal, Deosil was ready to finish a year long project that he knew would be ready for the world: his first album, "Beyond This Plane Of Existence." As of May 2007, he completed his critically acclaimed studio album "Lucid Dreaming" and has finished an all acoustic piano album called "Poetry".

The combination of electronic grooves, spatial ambience, meditation, live instruments, vocalizations, etc., Deosil's music is a sonic journey that will surely be an engaging experience. Just like 15 years ago when Deosil started with an idea for a song, now he has started his vision of healing through music. And that should be engaging enough.

Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Dylan has studied music since he was eight years old. Piano was his first instrument and years later, in 1997, graduated with a Bachelors in Piano Performance and a minor in Composition. In 2001 he graduated with a Masters in Piano Performance along with a year long study of recording/studio engineering. Since 2005, he has begun a different path. The path of sound healing. The last six years he has spent composing both acoustic and electronic music and have been interested in meditational practices and healing through music. Combining acoustic elements with electronic ambience makes for a very special sound in his music.

He currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his wife Sarah, and has read and studied ethnomusicology, classical music, jazz, minimalism, earth based religions, vedic writings, and the teachings of his Holiness, the XIV Dalai Lama. He has also completed projects that included a live performances during healing seminars, providing the musical background for local hypnotherapists and videographers, and donating his time to charity benefit concerts around the Hampton Roads, Virginia area.