Harrison, Arkansas, USA

Progressive/Gothic/Industrial/Metal designed to invoke a visual plain within the minds eye theatre.


DePANZER is a Progressive/Gothic/Industrial/Metal band formed in 2008 in Harrison Arkansas by Spencer T. McElrea & Darrell Wilson, who was later joined by Aaron Shankle & Adam Spears.
The band's music is a combination of heavy, drawn out rhythms, melodic leads, powerful drums, thought provoking lyrics, with a classical undertone.Although the music falls under many categories it does not stick within the confides of any, having an "Industrial Metal" approach with a "raw" (less synthetic) sound and Gothic tones & themes without a "Phantom of the Opera" feel. It finds its self in a grey area of beauty within aggression.

The Gazette, Godhead, Oomph!, Skillet, Blood Stain Child, Linkin Park, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Dir en Grey, Bullet for my Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, Static-X, Smashing Pumpkins, Blue Oyster Cult, D'espairsRay, KISS, Zilch, Lacuna Coil, Tanzwut, Phantasmagoria, Apocalyptica, Slipknot, Taia, Rammstein, The Doors, KMFDM, Celldweller, Evanescence, Korn, A (Anonymous Confederate Ensemble), Nightwish, MUCC, Staind, Enigma, Enya, Marylin Manson, Antonio Vivaldi, Ludwig van Beethoven

Set List

Actus Reus
Call Forth The Wrath
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
The Loss of Nothing
Canon in D(ePANZER)