Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Foreign Affairs


The Department of Foreign Affairs are a band that will rock your socks off live but sing you quietly to sleep with their sweet four part harmonies. A band that is in love with the rock'n'roll of the late sixties but grew up sporting the Matador and Merge Records logos on their hearts and sleeves.


Started in late 2003 as a spin off of two of Ottawa's notable indie bands Paperjack and the Pop Shove Its, the Department of Foreign Affairs began as a side project and then turned into the main gig when one band imploded on tour while the other band quietly retired. They have always been heavily influenced and intrigued by the perfect song and are on the never ending carnival tour of finding that perfect song. Growing up in the nineties heavily influenced by the likes of Matador records and Merge Records heroes like Pavement and Superchunk. Idolatry of Seattle turned into that of Superchunk and Pavement, then Wilco all the while soaking up the music that swirled from other eclectic places. A harkening back to The Beatles, The Band, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Early and everything Tom Waits, was a necessary detour in their education of the core and spirit of Rock'n'Roll. Three records, three years, making records for the sake of making records, and loving it. Freaking out on stage and getting their YaYa's out. This is the Department of Foreign Affairs, and this is their blood.


Stories Up High 2004
For Whatever Ails You 2004
Northern Living Northern Lights 2006

Set List

12-14 song set lists more 2-3 sets possible too. No cover songs.