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Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States
Band Latin Rock


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Spanish singer/songwriter Jairo Zavala. well-known in Spanish rock circles for his work with Amparanoia and Vacazul, became a touring member of Tucson, Arizona based rock band Calexico in 2004. So on his solo debut, "DePedro", for which Zavala records under the same name, members of Calexico return the favor, with stunning results. "Te Sigo Sonando" displays romantic street cafe tones, with accordion and minimalist percussion, and the Tex-Mex, mariachi-flavored "Como El Viento" is a show-case for Zavala's agile fretwork and playful Spanish lyric phrasings. The English-sung "Two Parts in One" is a pulsing, desert-rock tune that features vocals from Calexico's Joey Burns. The album-the first full-length to be released by National Geographic's recently established Nat Geo Music-is one of this year's left-field delights.-FM - Billboard


Depedro is the new and intensely personal project of Jairo Zavala, previously of Vacazul and 3000 Hommes. Hailing from Madrid, Spain, this acoustic folk rock band will get you to sit up and listen. The vocals are dark and subtle, and even for those of us who don't speak Spanish, Zavala's voice is enticing. The wind section rounds out the folksy guitar, with strong trumpets that soar over the mix.

Zavala makes being bilingual work for him, breaking into English in a few of the tracks. Like "Tomorrow," a silky, slow ballad with an upbeat chorus in Spanish, or "Two Parts In One," which has a darker and more alluring sound that could work in the background of an Old West saloon scene; it has a standout, combative sound that is infectious. But what may be the standout track is one I couldn't understand a word of. "La Memoria" is sung completely in Spanish, but the vocals are heartfelt enough to resonate across the language barrier. Combine that with a simple, catching guitar hook and some melancholy strings, and we have a hit. Depedro is certainly a band to take notice of. - CMJ: Oct. 2, 2008 by Emily Hinton

"DePedro Released by Nat Geo Music"

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

A Mediterranean breeze blows in with the amorous songs of Jairo Zavala’s new project DePedro and its self titled debut. DePedro has all the musical ingredients of a stunning success. Jairo was raised in Madrid and credits his influences to music his Peruvian father brought back from Latin America and Africa, and pre-WWII songs his grandparents played, combined with the popular rock songs in Spain in the 70s and 80s.

“Como El Viento” sweeps in as a Spanish love song as Jairo sings, “Your breath is enough to make me feel like the wind.” A gifted guitar player and singer, Jairo’s melodies underscore his stylistic flair. In “Don’t Leave Me Now”, the baritone sax and trumpet dance back and forth in a sultry exchange, leaving the warmth that one gets from a candle on a cool night.

Jairo pours out his passionate voice in “Llorona”, reaching octave ranges that he scratches and crawls out at. It brings incredible integrity to a burning track. A truly vibrant album that combines blues, folk, flamenco, rock and Latin into a cherished potion meant to broaden soulful horizons. “Comanche” and “Tomorrow” provide a wonderful tempo that brings remarkable dynamism to the roasting “Equivocado” and “Miguelito”.

Jairo’s talent shines like a full moon on the dark Arizona desert. The ensemble he has brought together for DePedro creates a sound that is living and breathing and knows no boundaries. With a six shooter in hand and a cool blue sky beaming as cowboy boots mash the auburn desert sand, DePedro brings the swagger of a loving outlaw riding out on his stallion to right all the wrongs, and to hell with order. - SFStation by Jeff Kingsbury Nov. 20, 2009


DePedro - Self- Titled (Aug. 2009)



DePedro – a name chosen because it sounded “kind of Mediterranean, kind of Spanish” – is the musical project of singer and guitarist Jairo Zavala. His first solo project, DePedro, is the culmination of years writing and playing songs for others, including Spanish star Amparanoia, Spanish instrumental surf phenoms Los Coronas and as the touring guitarist for Calexico, not to mention as frontman and founder of Vacazul and 3000 Hombres, both renowned bands in the respective Spanish rock and blues scenes. As DePedro, he has appeared at SXSW, WOMAD festival, the nationally-broadcast Spanish Music Awards, and various other festivals across the country.