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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dephkilla :: Back Down :: Lyrikota Imprint :: Reviewed by Dan Vidal"

MCs nowadays seem to focus strictly on lyrics. To Dephkilla, his flow is equally if not more important. Not since Freeway have I come across an MC with a style quite like this. The Aurora, Colorado native fires bars with a hyped up staccato flow that seems to always stay one step ahead of the beat. This might be an acquired taste for some. Deph’s penchant for blending his unique delivery with lighthearted lyricism should silence the haters. - URB Magazine


Sicangu Lakota Record Producer Rosebud Or Beyond Delivers The Illest, the Rawest: 5280 DENVER COLORADO ROCKY MOUNTAIN STYLE. *****1994: Rosebud or Beyond Opens Up Shop In Metro Denver.***** 1996: Rosebud or Beyond Starts Metal Band Locowood With G. Harmens, K Flaherty, Princess, Sugar, Lorenzo Short Bull!***** 2000: Rosebud or Beyond Puts Locowood On Hold To Executive Produce Lakota Imprint Lakota Records!***** 2001: Lakota Imprint Releases The Eight Track "Tiyospaye" Featuring Shatta-I, Lucy Luscious, The Atoll, Julian B., Shadowyze, and More!***** 2003: Rosebud or Beyond Begins Recording Sessions With DEPHKILLA!***** 2004: Dephkilla Releases The "Dephkilla Mixtape Vol. Uno" An Underground Mixtape So Raw It'll Make You Recook!***** 2005: Dephkilla Releases "Dephkilla Mixtape Vol. Dos- Lyrikota Code Talkerz" The Follow Up Underground Mixtape With Over 15,000 Units In Circulation!*****2006: Lakota Imprint Is Now Lyrikota Imprint! Lyrical + Lakota * Nakota * Dakota= Lyrikota Imprint Digital Records!*****2007: Rosebud Or Beyond And Dephkilla Open New Lyrikota 5280 Studios On Colfax!***** 2008: Lyrikota Imprint Releases New Dephkilla Singles "Dephkilla 5000" "Frontline Soldier" and "Hella Sick"!***** 2009: Lyrikota Imprint Releases New Single "Back Down" At Denver March Powwow 09!, May 16 2009-"Back Down" Breaks Media Zone Music, Lyrikota Releases Two More Dephkilla Singles-"The Way It Looks" And "Drawing Board" In Preperation For The 2009 Dephkilla Album!*****



Intergalactic M.C. Dephkilla is a Hunkpapa Recording Artist Coming At You Live From Aurora, Colorado! This is an M.C. Who Specializes in a Lyrical Style Redefining Hip Hop and Rap Music. This Seasoned Recording Artist Also Delivers The Most Fire Set Of Live Hip Hop Vocals And Beats This Side Of The Missouri.

Dephkillas New And Distinct Sound Arrives Via Independent Record Label Lyrikota Imprint Digital Records. Rosebud or Beyond Produced Tracks Are Quickly Becoming The Next In Thing Since "Gin And Juice"! Lyrikota Imprint Produced Music Has Been In Existence Since 1999.

Colorados Native Dephkilla Is Currently In Studio Recording A Full Length Album, Deph Also Continues To Release New Material Weekly! Although Dephkilla Sounds Live On Disc His Actual Live Performance Turns Over What Audiences Demand In The 21st Century: Quality, Substance, and Originality.