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"Locals Only CD Reviews"

Depravitae, Apocalypticusadisticon

RELEASED: Coming out soon, self-released

GENRE: Industrial/Metal

Self described as "the resurrected abortion of rapists' seed," Depravitae is the first Eugene-based industrial band that I've ever heard of. Before meeting Gideon Gash and Razor Praizer one night at my DJ gig, I didn't think anyone in Eugene even listened to industrial music.

Their forthcoming album Apocalypticusadisticon evokes memories of old goth club-nights I used to go to as a teenager growing up in Honolulu. I remember doing my hair like Robert Smith, painting my nails black and smearing my lips with oxblood red lipstick and hitting the Sub Club. Hundreds of candles illuminated the rooms, as whips and crops whacked against bare skin. People shackled themselves to crosses, hanging totally nude for the entire night. Above all the depravity we danced as the DJ spun Nine Inch Nails, Skinny Puppy and KMFDM.

Apocalypticusadisticon harkens back to those good ol' days. I don't think anything could make me dress up like I did back then, but thanks to an advance copy of Depravitate's forthcoming album, I'm reminded why I appreciate the music of bands like Skinny Puppy. Apocalypticusadisticon captures the necessity of the electronic sound in industial music: the blips, drum machine snare whaps and creepy samples of babies crying really bring back memories. — Steven Sawada

- Eugene Weekly - 06/30-05



"Exotic Psychotic", "Never Wrong", "The Brood" & "Vertically Deep" are on KWVA FM 88.1'The Baker's Ball' playlist. (showtime every Sunday 8-10PM PST)



DEPRAVITAE began as a vision of hell and heaven, that turned into music as a final outcome. Gideon Gash slowly and methodically assembled his group of miscreants to tear up stages far and wide.
DEPRAVITAE is nothing for the faint of heart to witness. Between the live flogging and torture happening to the side of the stage; the enormously overweight Beast sitting idly in her cage as liquids and fake blood are poured over her in different parts of the show; the lovely Razorpraizer torturing and sacrificing her delightfully sinful and sexy ladies, the Whores of Human Waste while Gideon, The Scourge and JuggaerNaut slam into another chorus of "The Brood" (their self-styled legacy built into song), DEPRAVITAE is a sight to see and hear. The guitar screams, The vocals shriek and the bass assaults your innards....