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Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Metal Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos




- 15/20
- “the solo EP by guitarist Dean Boland is much better and he takes a more hard rock route with the music. The title track and ‘So Hard’ (sounds like Boston in ballad mode!) are stand outs and worth hearing!”
- “Songwriter qualities on the highest level and just enjoyable to listen to!” 11/15
-”Smooth and slightly somber rock songs with a wonderful ballad “Only You” as highlight of the album”
- “”In My Corner” is a nice rock album and almost a bit better than “Human Flytrap””. 7/10
- “Dean is able to write throughout good songs and unusual is – compared to other guitarists - that he is very conservative regarding endless guitar solos.“
- “”In My Corner” is more sophisticated and refined and a bit more at the rocking edge than “Human Flytrap” and definitely worth to check!” 8/13
- “Fresh and timeless rock music, sounding like a modern version o Blue Öyster Cult with decent Beatles influences” 4/6
- “nice modern rock in the vein of Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins. And in comparison to them he shows that he knows how to play a lead guitar.” 7/10
- 6,5/10
- 70/100
- “obviously influenced by bands such as the Beatles and Blue Oyster Cult Dean Boland succeeds in writing nice and emotional rock songs.”
- “Especially the title track and the Beatles-like “So Hard” are stand-outs and worth listening to.” 7/10
- Artistworx


Although a relatively new band this act is made of veterans of the local metal wars from over the years. Most notably founder and main-man Dean Boland was formerly in Random Damage and going way back to the 80’s, Vancouver’s Aragathor. The new album, JUDGEMENT DAY is likely the heaviest thing Dean and co. have done in years. Musically it is the most straight-forward of all the seven bands listed in our feature but that is by no means a bad thing. Derailed offer straight up Heavy Metal, no frills, just the goods. When a band chooses a path at times, crazy image, over-the-top performances, odd influences all come to bear on the final picture. However at times a band just simply puts themselves out onto the market and let people judge on the strength of the songs.

Accordingly, Derailed isn’t too flashy, no elaborate concept album, no operatic female vocals everywhere, no folk, viking, or pagan influences, no costumes…just Metal. It’s kinda refreshing actually! The band is still doing it all themselves and the packaging does show some budget limitations but it does have lyrics, pictures, liner notes etc, so the basics are in place. The production is nice and full, guitar tones are crisp, and the mix is OK. Good value at an hour spread across thirteen cuts.

After a brief intro, which soncially reminds of a train, hence the ‘derailed’, we are off at a good pace with a Maiden-esque guitar line that catchy and fun to listen to, which is technically (in my mind) another intro or at least a brief instrumental clocking in at 2 minutes…with some really great soloing.

Influences are some obvious touchstones, classic bands like Maiden, Priest and so on. Track three, the title track, is the first ‘proper’ song showcases the vocals of Johnie Sin. He is set a bit far back in the mix but he has a loud and powerful voice so it comes through quite well with some powerful screams. Drums and bass manage to keep pace, lots of guitars, it’s all good, driving, crunchy, metal. I could see fans of Dio, Metal Church, Flotsam And Jetsam, Vicious Rumors etc gravitating to this band and their competent, engaging metal song-writing. A fine debut from a bunch of veterans who experience shines through. - Metal Rules by J.P. Wood


Hailing from Canada home of such gods of metal as Voivod and Rush, Derailed have some high standards to live up to, and they do so in impressive style. Opening with the instrumental Into The Mist, they sound like Budgie jamming with Megadeth. The title track has a terrific groove and a great vocal from Johnie Sin, who also has a nice line in Hetfield style rhythm guitars. Judgement Day shows a thrashier side to the band, but they never lose sight of the need for melody. Shine boasts some terrific playing by Terry Cornelson on drum and Steve Legault on bass, it’s kind of reminiscent of Pantera circa Cemetery Gates. The band are never far from a groove as evinced on Insane. I’m tickled pink that a Canadian band would have the balls to entitle a song Rush! Though it has nothing to do with the prog metal legends and serves instead to highlight the skills of lead guitarist Dean Boland. This is one skilled band but not to the detriment of the songs.

To conclude, Derailed have shamed many higher profile bands with this finely played album full of real songs played with feeling. Well done
- Live 4 Metal by Steve Earles


DERAILED – From the Great White North they cometh… straight from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They bring Metal. Old School Metal. Who are they? Derailed. What is their intent? To hand down their Metal edict… and I’m taking it all in like a Metal famished addict. With sharpened threads of Hard Rock entwined within the Metal fabric of Derailed’s debut album – Judgement Day, the total relevance factor of the songs makes for an amazing listen. If there is to be that one debut album, that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans should get their hands on in 2010, Derailed’s Judgement Day has to be strongly considered from my recommendation. Judgement Day is scheduled for a September 6, 2010, independent label release… worldwide.

Derailed is a band of veteran musicians, coupling their talents and experience to forge an album of 13 songs that scorch with fiery riffs, guitar leads, hooks and a Metal tight rhythm section of thundering force. Judgement Day’s strength is born from it’s quality song writing and lyrics. This is not a bubble gum/I’m lost in love/let’s party ’cause my parents just left town – album of Metal. With a sound that resonates Hard Rock and Metal maturity, Derailed just doesn’t show their experience on Judgement Day, they show they can flat out kick some serious heavy butt… for this band obviously put their music first and never considered second.

Once your ears digest the back-to-back intros of Into The Mist and Adrenaline, the Hard Rockin’ and Metal stompin’ ride begins with Derailed - Judgement Day. My only advice is don’t feel your alone when you want to replay Adrenaline continuously… Dean Boland on lead guitar tears it up with an Arena style muscularity. These two intros lay down the Hard and Heavy tracks that you will take, in navigating through Judgement Day’s assortment of memorably melodic songs.

Johnie Sin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar is an asset. If you are looking for that traditional Hard Rock and Heavy Metal vocalist from days long past, a “diamond in the rough” vocalist who has never been in the mass media spotlight, well, it’s Johnie Sin. This is a singer from the same Metal class as vocalist Mike Vescera, ( of Obsession, Yngwie J. Malmsteen & Loudness fame). Trust me, he is that good. One listen to just Lock & Load and any seasoned Metalhead will know instantly that Johnie Sin is a player.

Shine is a my creme’ de la creme’ song pick on Judgement Day. Whoa good is Shine. This song leans on the Hard Rock side of the tracks, blended with enough melodic and Old School moments to make me be beg for Metal mercy… then I play Shine again… and again. There is nuthin’ better than inflicting ones ears with great, heavy songs and Judgement Day is loaded with them. Your World is an instrumental that shall Rock your senses with it’s rhythmically contagious and heavily strewn, melodic guitar play, that is up tempo and psyche-you-out. Metal be thy name.

Grey Skies is an up tempo ballad that finds it’s coolness from the hardened vocals of Johnie Sin and Dean Boland’s lean, mean and slick guitar leads and climactic solo. At 8:26 long, Grey Skies is an epic not just for it’s length, it’s epic for it’s total strength. I’d Love To Change The World is the lone cover song on Judgement Day. Originally written by Alvin Lee of Ten Years After and released in 1971, Derailed adds some impressive heaviness to this Rock classic in 2010. Derailed gives this cover song some need for speed, with plenty of convincing angst from the vocals of Johnie Sin.

Dean Boland not only plays lead and rhythm guitar, he also mans the keyboards and provides backing vocals. A lyricist and songwriter for this Judgement Day album as well, Dean Boland’s accomplishments heard here are Metal commendable. Dean Boland seems to wear many Metal hats within Derailed, producing Judgement Day is one of them. The production and sound across the board, on this album, is what us traditionalists crave hearing… nothing is over polished and raw tendencies surface for air.

2010 is the year to get Derailed and Judgement Day is the reason why. Without a Metal doubt in my mind, I recommend Derailed – Judgement Day to any Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal fan. Old School Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans will want to sink their ears into Derailed’s combination of past and present heavy sound.

* Metal Odyssey gives Derailed – Judgement Day:

4.5 out of 5 Metal Fists!
- Metal Odyssey by Stone Isoliani


Derailed "Underground"- Release date TBA this fall, 2013
Derailed "Judgement Day"- Release date(Nov. 2010)
Boland Plan: "In My Corner"(EP) -2007 Artistworx(Germany)
Random Damage "Random Damage" -1996 Mascot Records
Random Damage "Human Flytrap" -2007 Artistworx(Germany)



“If there is to be that one debut album, that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans should get their hands on in 2010, Derailed’s “Judgement Day” has to be strongly considered from my recommendation.”
“they show they can flat out kick some serious heavy butt… for this band obviously put their music first and never considered second.”
Stone Isoliani for “Metal Odyssey”

“This is one skilled band but not to the detriment of the songs.
Derailed have shamed many higher profile bands with this finely played album full of real songs played with feeling. Well done!”
Steve Earles for “Live 4 Metal”

“I could see fans of Dio, Metal Church, Flotsam And Jetsam, Vicious Rumors, etc… gravitating to this band and their competent, engaging metal song-writing!”
JP Wood for “Metal Rules”


Formed in 2008, DERAILED hail from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The band consists of songwriter/guitarist DEAN BOLAND, vocalist JOHNIE SINCLAIR, drummer TERRY CORNELSON, guitarist CARLOS CRUZ & bassist GREG KRISTIANSON. Band influences include Metallica, Ozzy & Iron Maiden to name a few.

DERAILED’s music style is reminiscent of their pioneer heros… heavy cutting edge guitars, a driving bottom end & intricate, aggressive drum fills. This amalgamation captures the hard rock/metal sound of their peers, but with a modern day attack!
Lyrical content deals with everyday life, spanning topics of dreams, hardship, reality & war, blended into melodic fist pumping aggression. The high energy is evident in their sound & you soon find yourself caught up in the moment.

The bands debut CD “Judgment Day” was mixed in Vancouver, BC by Vic Levak at HUSH SOUND & received ‘rave’ reviews.
“Underground”, the follow-up sophomore CD, a fantasy conceptual story, is due for release in the fall of 2013. The first single “Fryzone” has already reached #6 on reverbnation & is still climbing. “Underground” was mixed in Calgary, Ab. by Sacha Laskow (Divinity) at Perfect Fifth Studio.

All seasoned musicians, they have begun live rehearsals in their studio to prepare for their upcoming CD support tour which will follow their release date.

For more information, please visit their website below.

Dean Boland: (403)462-8664