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Sascha Appel &DerBreuer-Klangmanipulation
Sascha Appel &DerBreuer-TokyoTapes06 Vol.1
Sascha Appel &DerBreuer-TokyoTapes06 Vol.2



Sascha Appel

It’s his passion for music that makes SASCHA APPEL spend most of his time in the studio, in clubs all over the world, in bars and at events. Sascha has been working as a DJ since 1991 and therefore has been in the vinyl scene for over ten years. He worked at events such as the Love Parade or Mayday, as well as performing at renowned clubs around the globe – always putting on the most energetic House sets for the audience. Sascha Appel also worked as a producer for various acts, the highlight of these releases being his compilations for the Rave On Snow events. In addition to this, a milestone of his career were the guest appearances he did in Tokyo. The fact that one of his tracks was released along with the PlayStation 2 product DJ Decks & FX in 2005 once again proves that Sascha Appel is an established name in the international music business.

Alex Breuer

Alex Breuer is a very passionate musician as well. His career kicked off in the early 80’s when he began playing the drums and the guitar, his first live gigs as a DJ took place in 1989. Shortly after this, Alex Breuer met Roman Zenker and Jens Lissat and the opportunity came up for them to remix some tracks by the masterminds behind Interactive and Hardfloor which resulted in Alex’s first record deal. Not even one year later, Alex founded his own studio along with his own record label. A sensational milestone of his career no doubt is his Gold Record for the track “Acid Folk” which he produced for the project Perplexer. In 1995, he became the co-founder of the Breeze Dance Division – nowadays, he works at the “Bionic Ballroom recordings & Event company” alongside André Schild.
Alex Breuer has worked as a producer for established acts such as KeeMo, Tyree Cooper or Ofra Haza. In addition to this, he was the sound designer for Apple, Emagic, Michael Jackson and Porsche Design, to name just a few.

In 2005, Sascha and Alex first met at the Dierks Studios near Cologne. They have been working in the international music business ever since and have managed to establish a good reputation with their fusion of DJ set and live arrangements including live drumming. So far, they performed in places like Barcelona (Katwalk), Frankfurt (Playboy Tour), Tokyo (Ageha) or Austria (Rave On Snow). They always manage to get the crowd going with their excellent live performance.

Some three years ago, these two sound activists founded the project Sascha Appel & DerBreuer. With their debut release “Tokyo Tapes” on Bionik Cologne, they have managed release a track that will not only enable them to rock the clubs around the globe but also countless festivals.

They have already been invited to play at Tokyo´s best Club "Ageha" to perform a gig with Pascal FEOS, Frank Lorber and Torsten Feld. They have stayed for a full week in Japan´s melting pot to shoot impressions for their first Video. After their Tour Sascha & Alex invited Lennart A. Salomon, better known as Sono Frontman, to join their second single Tokyo Tapes. After they got all tracks down with Lennart , all parts where send to EgarOmm(Catwalk Barcelona) and Tokyo´s Headliner Dr.Shingo (Ageha, Womb Tokyo).