Derek Faded

Derek Faded

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Derek Faded creates mimimalist beats with minimal instruments. This project is devoted to the rap ethic of sampling. However, Derek is more interested in warping sample sources in order to obscure them as opposed to re-hashing some old hit. In this way he creates something simple and beautiful


Derek George is a multi-instrumentalist / producer / DJ with a keen interest in hip hop and electronic music. These sensibilities are the focus of his work under the pseudonym Derek Faded. He combines his love for the "off kilter" beat and that "glitchy" sound which became popular at beginning of the decade. The result produces a sound which he is describing as "laid back bounce". Bump it.


Demo 2009

Songs posted at

Set List

3.Cut And Paste
4.Lethargic Buffet
5.Alright Then...
6.As We Fade (Overtones)

Set Length: 30 mins