Derek falls

Derek falls


They played all over Montreal in different places such as The Montre´al Jazz Festival, West Island Blues Festival, Honey Martins, Bourbon street, Jell-O bar, Café Camus,Dome,Club Exit, presenting a summer madness contest, makes music & sounds for film soundtracks, videos & trailers. Great Performer!


DEREK FALLS Is a music recording artist who started performing at the early age of 13 along side of his father, a local legend Thomas Falls. Derek is the 3rd generation of talented and giving musicians to embrace the music scene. With is diverse style and unique guitar playing he has been quoted as a remarkable mix between Santana, BB King, with a vocal tone of Lenny Kravitz and Seal, all wrapped into one very passionate man. His first Demo was called “Colors” He plays also with his local band “The mother Jones ” He also did an album called “Father & Son”.

He also became founder and CEO of his own record label in Montreal “Styling Music” a Recording Studio and a Production house called D&A Productions in association with Annik Boivin. The team is studying this new digital industry. He will be Published by Miss Ikins Publishings


Down at the Butcher Shop

Written By: Derek Falls

Intro:?Instruments?16 ?bar,?B? flat,?with? change.?
Chorus?1:??Down? at? the? butcher? shop??? x?2? Change:????Where ?they? cut? all? day,?hey!?Hey!?Hey!? Verse?1:????It? was ?a? Saturday? morning,?just? before? twelve ?noon.? ???????????????????Heavy ?rain? was? falling? ???????????????????And ?I? was? hungry? for? food,? ???????????????????So? I? decided ?to? stroll,? ???????????????????Out? on?t he?12th?Avenue? ???????????????????Where ?all? the ?markets ?were? stationed?? ???????????????????Where? all? the ?people? go ?shop?! ???????????????????So ?I? made ?a? stop,? ???????????????????Walked ?in? the ?butcher?shop? ???????????????????And? then ?I? picked? me ?a? number,? ???????????????????Then? suddenly? all ?just ?stopped.?
Chorus?2:? Down? at? the ?butcher ?shop ?x?2?

Change:????Where ?they ?cut? all ?day,?hey!?hey!?hey!?

Verse?2:???They?'ve ?got? a? whole? lot? of? chicken,? ???????????????????Fresh? to ?cook? and ?eat,? ???????????????????Freezer ?filled ?of? beef,?hanging ?from? there ?feet? ???????????????????Oats? eat and ?goats,?that ?is? healthy? and? lean? ???????????????????Fresh? on ?the ?lamb ?and ?heavy ?on ?the ?sheep.?
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Chorus?3:?? Down? at? the ?butcher? shop?

Change:?????Where? they? cut ?all? day,?hey!?Hey!?Hey!?
Guitar? solo ?32?bars-?Intensity?

?????????????????????Where’s? that? lamb ?goin?? ?????????????????????Come? here? funky ?little? sheap!?
Chorus?4:???Down ?at ?the ?butcher? shop ?x?2?

Change:?????Where ?they ?cut? all? day ?hey!?hey!?hey!??? x?2? ?????????????????????All? right!? ????????????????????Where ?they ?cut? all? day ?hey!?hey!?hey!?? ????????????????????Come? on,?yeah!?? Butcher?Shop!?
Instrumental ?Ending??
Copyright ?2010?
Written? by?? Annik?Boivin?


Colors was his first Demo

Father & Son Album with his Band THE MOTHER JONES

Setting the pace for the release of his second and third Album:
“All is Forgiven” &“ The Better Side of me”.

A Single Motor Love

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Down at the Butcher Shop
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Motor Love