Derek Goodreid

Derek Goodreid


My music is experimental acoustic punk. Influenced by Appleseed Cast, Aereogramme, Radiohead, Fugazi and Trail of Dead. My lyrics reflect my journey in trying to find meaning in a meaningless world.


My songs deal with my questions of God, divorce, love, apathy, drug addiction, forgiveness and hope. They are diary entries of my life and the unique struggles, triumphs and failures I've faced through the years.


Stolen Car

Written By: Derek Goodreid

I'm in a place where I can only see your face in a memory
I'm in a void where I can only hear your voice along the sea

I'm abandoned like a stolen car
I'm an island in an ocean of people
I'm burning out like a shooting star
I'm hating it here without you (my love)

I'm standing on the edge of a cliff hoping to fall away
I'm taking pills just to deal with everyday

The Missing Piece

Written By: Derek Lee Goodreid

you are the piece of the puzzle
that's been missing from my life
missing for so long
for so long you have been
the candle that guides my way through

through the narrow and the shadow through alleyways and deadends
searching for the half of my broken heart

you are the compass that navigates the roadmap of my poor brain
and if i'm not mistaken you are the one I've always pursued

through the narrow and the shadow through alleyways and deadends
you are the half of my broken heart

Pain Relief

Written By: Derek Lee Goodreid

Between the photographs between dents from
Punching angry fists through plaster walls

Suspended in disbelief holding on tight
To wires on hooks in an empty hall

Inside the frames are the cries of heartache
And the prayers of a small hope
The echoes of laughter and tears of loss
the ties that bind us close

we have never been that close and never will
we have never been that close
be still our breaking hearts will mend

never in the same frame will we be caught
I’ve had my fill
Trying to numb these, blackest of thoughts
By swallowing bitter white pills

Be still and know

When the Lights Go Down

Written By: Derek Lee Goodreid

All the things I want to say, aall pile up through out my day
But words could never, encapsulate
All your beauty and grace
All your beauty and grace

I will hold your hand, do my best to be your man
Count my blessings, more than the stars
Of everything you are
Of everything you are

You’re all I need girl
You’re all I need
When the lights go down
When the lights go down

Oh lord thankyou for second chances
Oh lord thankyou for sweet romance
So I can dance with her tonight
I can dance with her tonight

kereD, In Love

Written By: Derek Lee Goodreid

Looking up for some reprieve
the city presses in on me
Above it all I saw you in the window

You made me believe
You made me believe
In love at first sight

Never put all your trust in strangers
who can see the desire in your eyes
Disguise your thoughts or get caught up
in this city of lies

You had me deceived
You had me deceived
in love at first sight

Machete my way to you
Porcelain perfect and new


Written By: Derek Lee Goodreid

Counting down the days, meeting again for the first time
Waiting around for no one, holding on to thin air

Counting down the hours, leaving again for the last time
Locking doors and burning bridges, believing for something more

In this city of saints and madmen we are but smoke and mirrors
In this city of saints and madmen we are such fragile things

Counting down the minutes, mistakes I’ve made a few
Counting down the seconds, again I begin anew


Saving up for studio time.

Set List

Twenty minutes of originals and a cover of Local H's All the Kids Are Right or Semisonic's Closing Time.