Derek H

Derek H


I have a very powerful, plaintiff and authentic voice, and I pair it well with soft and simple guitar riffs. My songs are everything from touching to catchy, something you would be more than happy to hear in a coffee shop.


A singer from birth, Derek has been in choirs and musicals from a very young age. Performing with such choirs as the Opera Lyra boys choir and the Ottawa Chamber Choir has given him experiences in the greatest of stages, from the NAC to the yearly memorial on remembrance day. Through school, Derek participated in many musicals in fairly significant roles, always raising the bar for musical excellence.

The addition of the guitar to his repertoire in 2008 has allowed Derek to branch out on his own, writing his own original music, reaching down deeply and showcasing his incredible talents. Reaching into a broad variety of influences ranging from the low-key Bright Eyes to the angry Rise Against, Derek's music shows hints from every corner of music while always having his own distinct touch.

Uniquely, Derek performs with a classical nylon-string guitar, giving his songs a much softer, more mellow feel. He uses it as if it were a standard acoustic guitar, however, giving Derek's music a sound that is rarely heard elsewhere.


What It's About

Written By: Derek H

Knowing the dream and walking the path
Having the fear of demons long past
Keeping the faith but losing the facts I had all along
I knew all along what to do

Falling in love and knowing your heart
Standing in line for things yet to start
Showing the world that nothing can stop me now, after this
I know after this, I'll be fine

Seeing the things you never could see
Becoming the person I never could be
A fight to be equal but never releasing me from your heart
When will your heart be free?
When will your heart be free...

A man in the hallway called for your name
He asked if he'd ever see you again
You told him the truth, nothing's for certain here in this world
Are you all alone in this world?
Are you all alone in this world?
Are you all alone in this world?

Forgotten Things

Written By: Derek H

The truly faithful profess their love for everything under the sun
But what about all those things left behind in the shadows where you've never run?
Tell me, what did you forget down there?
What did you leave behind

When I reach my arm around you to tell you not to be afraid
You shake in fear at the thought that I won't be there to save you someday
Tell me, what did you forget in there?
What did you leave behind

When you look beyond your castle walls, tell me - what do you see?
Is it a world of rich possibilities, or a wasteland you'd rather not face
Tell me, what did you forget out there?
What did you leave behind

Is it fortune, or is it fate, we follow to our graves
If it is, is there a way to change it before the end?
Tell me, what did I forget this time?
What did I leave behind

Another Life

Written By: Derek H

When I tell them what I want to do, they tell me it can't be done.
But I won't give up so easily, not with so much at stake.
And if you choose not to follow me, that's your choice and your loss
Cause I'll move forward with or without you so make up your mind.

I believe in the future I have - a brilliant shining white
cause I have seen what becomes of the people who reach for the stars at night
And I won't follow the path that you set, or even the road less travelled by
Cause no-one's been where I want to be so I'll find my place myself.

When did I say it was easy? When did I say it was fast?
When did I say that every moment would be happiness and bliss
I'll be working my whole life for this, for better or worse
and I'll do it with no hesitation and no complaint

When I told them what I wanted to do, they told me not to try
but I wouldn't give up on it and look where I am now.
You chose not to follow me, that was your choice and your loss
Somehow I moved forward without you to live another life.


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