Derek James

Derek James

 New York City, New York, USA

"The eclectic, roots-rock-flavored music of Derek James takes style notes from singer/songwriters like Jack Johnson and John Mayer, and rings of rock 'n' roll bands like Coldplay."


Derek James wears a fedora. A Frank Sinatra, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash sing-a-long, his boots can be heard stomping to his old-time rhythms. Having worked with producers Roger Greenawalt (Crosby/Nash, Rufus Wainwright) and Godfrey Diamond (Frank Sinatra, Kool and the Gang), Derek's retro pop sound, hummable melodies and jug-band spirit will have you swinging in your skivvies.

His song "Smoky Light," an upbeat ragtime toe-tapper, was recently featured on the Travel Channel. Derek's songs have also been featured on MTV, Lifetime, A&E, and the upcoming "Nude America the Movie." He has performed with Blues Traveler, Eric Hutchinson, Ben Kweller, Sugar Ray, OK Go, Gin Blossoms and many more. Touring both as a solo troubadour with his guitar, kazoo and ukulele in tow, as well as with his band the Lovely Fools, Derek James spends a good portion of his life rolling over gravel.


Untitled LP - 2010 Howling Clue Records
produced by Assaf Spector & Derek James
(release date August - 2010)

Stray LP - 2005 Howling Clue Records
produced by Assaf Spector, Derek James & Eytan Oren

Firefly EP - 2004 Howling Clue Records
produced by Derek James

Set List

60 Minutes of Original Material; as well as 120 minutes of originals & a mixed bag of covers with a unique flavor:
Free Love
One More Day
Smoky Light
Ain't No Thing Is Perfect
There Is The Sun
Dust In The Wind
Pretty Lady
What's That Sound
Same Same But Different
I've Got A Brand New Pair Of Rollerskates
Long Train Running
Like A Woman
Eye On The Line
You Used To Be
Batteries And Razors
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Come Together
and more...