Derek Jameson

Derek Jameson


Derek’s music is a blend of electronic and symphonic support for very piano based material. Tying influences of pop, rock, and alternative sounds, Derek's music is sure to capture the listener whether it be physically or emotionally.


Derek Jameson is a 25 year old singer/songwriter/pianist based out of Austin, TX. Derek’s music is a blend of electronic and symphonic support for very piano based material. He has written and produced most of all his material and occasionally works on projects for films and other established artists.

Since 1996, Derek has worked with a variety of musicians for selected shows and events ranging from benefit concerts to famous festivals. In 2003 Derek formed “The Betting Fraternity” with long time friend and co - worker Justin Imamura. The band grew over time and played many shows from San Francisco to Los Angeles, even winning awards for best pop/rock group at the New York Film and Music Festival.

At the same time as “The Betting Fraternity,” Derek joined the edgy rock group “Forgotten Sounds” and sang lead vocals as well as played keyboards. Along with performing his own material, Derek performed in a variety of stage productions at Santa Clara, C.A. based theme park Paramount’s Great America. There he honed his skills for entertainment in a variety of ways.

Along with recording and performing his material, Derek also continues his education with focuses on Anthropology, General Education, Global Studies, and Pharmacy. This, combined with a passion for world travel and humanitarian efforts, combines to empower the words and music he creates for anyone from any background to pull from.

Derek has decided to go on his own and produce music primarily as a solo artist. This is his project with goals of educating, inspiring, and moving people physically and mentally.


What I Could

Written By: Derek Jameson

I've got you
By the only threads
That keep your heart intact
My grip is wearing thin
I feel you sinkin' in
There's nothing more
That I can do
To save you

I thought I did what I could
Tried to ease our way out
I don't want to give up
But it's time that I bow out
You say that I'm to blame
For causing all the pain
But I did what I could
Maybe one day
Things will change

I can see passed
Right through your heart of glass
And I know what I could do
But I can't
I was willing to sacrifice
But now I can't destroy my life
And I know what I could do
But I can't

You will live on
And I will move along
Change comes in time
If you keep the love alive
I ain't got no room to beg
I don't want it to end this way
If it makes it any easier
You can go ahead and hate me
But don't you think
That the loneliness
Doesn't stain me


The Island That Sun Forgot
Released 2006
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Released 2007 for song samples

Set List

I can play anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours. Most of the songs are original songs with hip hop and pop beats. Some are solo piano and vocal songs.

Some of the cover songs I perform live are: Hypberballad by Bjork, Hands Clean by Alanis Morrissette, When Doves Cry by Prince, Disarm by The Smashing Pumpkins, Since You Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, including a pop medley for fun which includes: Britney Spears, Nsync, Destiny's Child, and Christina Aguilera.